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Magayon Hotel

Peñaranda St., Legazpi City
by lakwatserong tatay

Magayon Hotel
Magayon Hotel is an economy class hotel, located within the city. Only a couple of minutes from the airport and about 5minutes walk to the city center, this hotel gives you some peace and quiet time. This hotel is consist of 4 floors, no elevator. Has an standard aircon room for single /twin sharings for P600-700 and non-aircon room for P150 w/ common bathroom and Aircon rooms with bath (double de luxe, P1000 -P1500).

hotel room accomodations
This hotel is recommend by one of our xplorers, johari, where they usually stay when their around Legazpi. Because of its location and swak sa budget rooms. But just to sum it up, what can i say to this hotel is just fine. Don't expect to much because as i categorize this hotel. For me this can be a mid-range type in hotel-accomodations.

what do you think?
Here some of the Mid-Range Hotel Accomodations located in Legazpi City:

Albay Hotel

The 2-storey bldg., located at 88 Peñaranda St., has 88 rooms (aircon rooms with bath, suites), restaurant (Miraya), coffee shop (Cafe Ola), bar, swimming pool, grand ballroom (Ibalong) and a disco.
Tel: 480-8660, 214-3640-44 & 214-3364.
Fax: 214-3364 & 214-3642.
Manila booking office Tel: (632) 893-5733. Fax: (632) 815-4730.

Avenrose I Residential Suites

A tourist inn at the Renaissance Gardens, Kap Aquende Drive, Cruzada, is a two-minute drive from the airport.
It has 14 suites (standard, superior, presidential suite, P1350- P3050), restaurant, banquet facilities, swimming pool and offers access to a local country club.
Tel: 820-8329, 481-0877-78 & 820-4790.
Fax: 320-5824.

Gazelle Hometel

Located at the Airport Site, East Concession Rd., Cruzada, has aircon rooms with bath (single, double, family, junior suite, executive suite, P700- P1200) and a restaurant.
Tel: 481-0232 & 820-0504.

Hotel Victoria

An economy-class hotel along Rizal St., Lapu-Lapu, has 14 aircon single/double rooms with bath and TV (P800 - P900).
It also has a restaurant, coffee shop (Café Jose), and conference rooms and offers free airport service and car rental service. Tel: 820-7549, 214-3476-77 & 480-6543.
Fax: 214-3246.

Hotel Villa Angelina

An economy-class hotel along Rosario St., has non-aircon (standard) rooms with common bath (P300) and aircon rooms with bath (celebrity de luxe, executive suite, presidential suite, P1500- P3500).
Tel: 481-2560, 821-7835 & 480-6345.

Ibalong Travelers Hostel

A tourist inn at Fidel Cu Bldg., 210 J.P. Rizal St., Lapu-Lapu, has non-aircon rooms with common bath
(standard, P200 - P550) and aircon rooms with bath (single, double, family, P800- P1200).
Tel: 820-3333.

Jennifer's Garden Apartelle

An economy-class hotel , along Don juna Estevez St., Guevarra Subd., Ilawod East, has aircon single/twin/family rooms with bath (economy, business class, P600- P1500).
Tel: 245-5172 & 480-1086.
Fax: 820-4467.

King Arthur Motor Lodge ( tourist inn)

Bogtong Road, Bonot
Tel: 480-8984 & 820-4071)

Legaspi Plaza Hotel

An economy-class hotel at the 3/F, J & O Bldg. along Lapu-Lapu St., opposite the post office, has 34 single/double rooms with bath (non-aircon and aircon), restaurant, disco, music lounge, ballroom and a convention hall.
Tel: 480-6147, 24-3085 & 2-3344-45.

Legazpi Tourist Inn

A tourist inn at 3/F V&O Bldg. at cor. Quezon Ave. & Lapu-Lapu St, Dinagaan, has non-aircon single/double rooms with bath (standard, P550- P600) and aircon single/double rooms with bath (de luxe, P800- P1000).
Tel: 820-4880 and 480-6148.
Fax: 480-6147.

Sampaguita Tourist Inn

Located along Rizal St., Brgy. Rizal Street, has aircon (P350- P700) and non-aircon (P275- P325) rooms with bath and TV. Tel: 480-6258.

Tanchuling International House

An economy-class hotel along Jasmin St., Imperial Court Subd., Brgy., Rizal St.,
Has 19 rooms (non-aircon/double rooms and aircon rooms with bath, P750 - P1050).
It also has an restaurant, coffe shop, function rooms and disco.
Tel: 480-6003 and 8202912

How to contact this Magayon hotel:

Accredited by DOT:  Hotel
Peñaranda St., Legazpi City
Tel: (052) 480-7770
Fax: (052) 820-4174
General Manager: Josie Po Lam
Magayon Hotel is been Xplored


☮Pinay Travel Junkie☮ said...

great info on accommodations... will definitely bookmark this :)

Pinoy AdvenTurista said...

wow! thanks for sharing this... madami na akong choices if ever mag decide ako to spend a night in Legaspi... =D

Lydia said...

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thepinaysolobackpacker said...

nice! kumpleto! Magayon Hotel is cheap pala, it means Beautiful (magayon)hotel,though I;ve explored some of Legazpi city, I still kinda get lost in the city,we have many relatives kase there kaya once lng ako nag-commute jan at nakikitulog lng ako,hehe this post is really helpful for other travelers. thnks for sharing! =)

lakwatserong tatay said...

@pinaysolobackpacker..thanks really glad that im helping other travelers that are looking for some mid-accomodation place in Legazpi....^_^

Anonymous said...

Hello meron po ba kayong mobile number or email address ng Magayon Hotel? i'm from Cebu. Thank you

lakwatserong tatay said...

@anonymous...actually po wala po yata sila email address & mobile number for contact information, however meron na po yata sila facebook page...

here it is..

thans po for the visit...and enjoy also your stay likewise happened to us....^_^


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