Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Embarcadero de Legazpi

The Entertaiment Center of Bicol Region
by lakwatserong tatay

Our first night out in the City of Legazpi.Our host xplorerboy Johari, tells us about this mall that can be a counterpart of Greenbelt, Glorieta, Trinoma and also Mall of Asia. Embarcadero is a major waterfront development in Legzapi that will become a destination both local and international tourist alike. Adding to this there is also a street that is very well known to the locals were every night caters different delicacies. This is the street between Quezon Ave. and Rizal St. that every night you could choose from different street foods and served meals. Of course, even though personally i a fan of eating street foods in Manila, this different because we are own Legazpi.

Labanan sa Legazpi Monument
Monument Historic Marker
And now lets start with previous history of Embarcadero is one of the most anticipated developments in the city of Legazpi. It started last July 18, 2009. Embarcadero is a major waterfront development located at the harbor area of Legazpi City adjacent to the alluring Kapuntukan Hill (also known as Sleeping Lion Hill).

Embarcadero will offer a mix of retail, restaurants, markets, and shops. There will also be a civic space and an imposing 30 meters tall lighthouse that could become one of the iconic symbols of Legazpi. Aside from the 12,000 square meter commercial area, there will also be a future 14,500 square meter waterfront hotel, spa and convention center and a 15,477 square meter Information Technology (IT) Park, envisioned to provide thousands of BPO jobs for Bicolanos.

Aside from that there will be a waterfront promenade, with theatrical lighting and performance spaces creating a lively, family friendly environment during the day and night. Visitors to this mall will enjoy a stunning view of Mayon Volcano and the cityscape to the north and the Albay Gulf to the east.

Legazpi Boulevard towards to Embarcadero

Xplorerboyz @ Embarcadero
Embarcadero @ night
Yours truly first step in Embarcadero
Some of the stores are still closed

We had so much fan on this place infact we bought same t-shirt that has the name of this mall for our group souvenir. We had fun all night. We had taken few drink while watching their live band. Stroll around, and seeing also the colorful lighthouse of this mall is indeed a experience, in has an entrance amounting P20. We did not go to lighthouse we just contented taking picture on its lower ground as you can see below.

Grabbing a souvenir shirts
Here are some of our photo sessions in Embarcadero de Legazpi.....

Xplorerboyz in photo session mode
After our photo opps, we watch for a meantime in one of the bars that caters live band performance and with a few buckets of Red horse, it was indeed a great evening.....

where are we?
The Band performers
Embarcadero de Legazpi is also been Xplored!!!!!
We ended the night happy and very contented. Just to add, Embarcadero has also pioneered eco-friendly transportation in the Bicol Region by introducing Electric Jeepneys or e-Jeeps. These e-Jeeps carry visitors to and from Embarcadero free of charge. There are currently four e-Jeeps in operation, with plans to add more in the future. With the e-Jeeps roaming around the city, it is very easy to get to Embarcadero from the Legazpi Port District.
E-jeepneys of Embarcadero

Our e-jeepney experience.....
After getting down to e-jeepney of Embarcadero, we proceed to one of the most famous street at night that caters different street food and meals. Our group tried all of those meals and foods. Below are some of the photos taken while we had our street foodtrip.....

It is just like in Manila.....
Dinner in the Street....Ok!!!!!
We ended our night a little bit tired and a bit drunk. But all in all it was really a great and happy experience.We will be definitely go back to this place and reminisce our memories and add another memories, when we will go back. And we go back to our barracks....i mean our hotel...Magayon Hotel.....
This hotel is also been Xplored.......


Anonymous said...

Nice travel blog but please check your grammar.

This (place) HAS also been explored.
(not IS been explored)

Please do not take this as a negative comment. Instead, please take this as a constructive criticism.


lakwatserong tatay said...

@anonymous, thanks for visiting, and also thank you for being honest...hehehehe...
actually its really hard to speak and write correct english grammar...mas mabilis sana kung tagalog...hehehehehe....
btw thanks again...hope you could visit again...^_^


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