Friday, December 31, 2010

The PMA Musuem

by lakwatserong tatay

This is one spot inside the Philippine Military Academy that i was really amazed. It's not my first time to visit PMA, but i do remember the first i visited this place. The only museum available are placed on the outside grounds of the academy. But this time our tour guide....kuya (?)..sorry po forgot the name....He walked us to this musuem at first i was not really aware what will i find inside because of seeing some of the others relic used by our Armed Forces of the Philippines like helicopters, plances, tanks and big & small machine guns. But when i entered this museum, it all changed.....naks....hehehe..

Philippine Military Academy Musuem

This museum was refurbished in 2009 as the new shelter of the PMA Museum that reflects the Academy's history tracing its roots back to the Academia Militar to Philippine Military Academy. This musuem is inagurated during the incumbency of Major Reynante B. PeƱaprof (PMA Command Historian ) on October 19, 2009.

Official Seal & Inaguration Marker of PMA Museum
As you will enter the PMA Museum premises, you will see some of this handmade woodcrafts, that corresponds with cadet's batch name or their symbol. I'm sorry because im not really aware, what is the used of those woodcrafts inside the PMA Museum. The museum has an entrance fee of P20 (for tourist) and P10 (for students). Our group was lucky that day because they don't have available ticket for we paid just P10 each.

PMA batch sysmbols curved in Woodcrafts
PMA Logo made of Kapis
The museum's collection are divided into four parts/categories: Pre-War, Post-War, War & Weapons and Alumni. The collections include photographs, uniforms, small arms, model arms, barracks and camping equipments as well as heirloom pieces and other priceless relics that been donated by some of the alumni's. Below are some of  the artifacts you could find in Pre-War Gallery, including the Battle of Bulacan.

The Battle of Bulacan
Next part of the museum was Post War Gallery, on this part is some of the old photos taken after war era....different seal logo's and a view of typical cadet's room.

Lakwatserong Tatay @ PMA Museum

Cadet's Room
The third category that you could find in this room is the War & Weapons Gallery, this is the placed were i was really amazed because im really thinking, how really old are those weapons that been displayed on this gallery. Seeing those relics really fascinated me, that why i did this separate entry, to share what i have seen inside of this room.

I'm just wandering....saan saan kaya nila nakuha toh.....
 The last part of this room is for the PMA Alumni's, on this part of this room you will see the different classes, different seals, who are they're commanding officers and many more. And inside the room also you could find different manikin that with different cadet uniforms.

The PMA Museum goals is to preserve the memories of the sacrifices and devotions to duties of the men in uniforms who have served and fought for our country.

The different Class Seals of PMA'ers

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