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Putographi sa Manila North Cemetery

by lakwatserong tatay

Actually this entry is supposed to be part of my last month stories but due to tight schedules because of backpack trips, outdoor activities and work activities. I just published it just this month. One of the main reason why i pursue to published this entry is you can find below.

This was a day before the All Saints day all happens, but as you read and browse below you can see that even if it is just the 31st of October the people are already visiting in advance on their departed beloved ones. This is my first time doing picture taking in a cemetery. It was really quite awkward doing picture of old, antic, decorated and some of the famous tombs and mausoleums. But the feeling of sharing this thoughts and also for my mother really gives me the courage to write this.

Manila North Cemetery
All cemeteries throughout our country become busy and crowded with people visiting their departed beloved ones especially on the two days that start in November. Actually this is also the time where some of the families reunited and having reunions and spending for almost two days together with their departed beloved ones.

All Catholic feasts, like the celebration of All Saints Day and All Souls Day were originally a pagan practice. A Roman temple dedicated by the Emperor Augustus was rededicated in the 7th century by Pope Boniface IV to Mary and all the saints to signify the triumph of Christ over pagan gods. Hence, the Pantheon is the origin of the Filipino term for graveyard, which is pantion.

Manila North Cemetery's entrance
 Manila North Green Park Cemetery

Is the city's answer to the ever increasing need of space for the dead. It's an apartment type tombs but a bit different than those that you will find in the public cemeteries like La Loma and Manila North Cemetery. It's more like a condominium type, the buildings a three-floor and there a 5 row of crypts on top of another. According to their flyers, it's offering the first of its kind in the Philippines, and the wall are of granite. And they are offering a cheap but decent burial sites. It accepts interment for Ash, Bones, and Coffin Crypts.

Manila North Green Park
Manila North Green Park Cemetery Marker
Inside the Manila North Green Cemetery
The Manila North Cemetery (or Cementerio del Norte), which measures 54 hectares, is considered the biggest and one of the oldest cemeteries in Metro Manila. Beside it are two other important cemeteries, namely the La Loma Cemetery and the Manila Chinese Cemetery. The cemetery is owned by the Manila city government and has initiated an expansion program to build more "apartment tombs" and a crematorium.
Entry  of Manila North Cemetery
Pathway of the Cemetery
This cemetery has so many notable burials of our history. In line with our past government officials starts with our presidents, senators and mayors.
Pres. Manual A. Roxas
Pres. Ramon Magsaysay
Senator Claro M. Recto
Pres. Sergio Osmeña
As we walked by inside Manila North Cemetery with my brother, i saw this tree house.....i don't know what do the owner call this, but personally im really envy....hehehehe....

By that time people from all walks of life is coming in. In just few hours North cemetery is starting to be crowded and full of vendors inside. From flowers, candles and even food outlets....

candles and flowers for sale
Monument at the Center of Manila North Cemetery
Food choices inside the Cemetery
The practice of building highly structured graves can be traced to the ancient Egypt and classical Greece. At the height of the Art Deco movement in the 1930s, Greek and Egyptian inspired tombs and mausoleums were favored themes.

Along North Cemetery’s main artery are special plots for the armed forces, firemen, Masons, Thomasites, and the 20 boy scouts who died in a plane crash on their way to the 11th World Jamboree.

In memory of the Thomasites
Masonic Cemetery
The Mousoleo de los Veteranos de la Revoluccion at the Manila North Cemetery is our version of the Roman Pantheon. The domed structure of neo-classical architecture has been dedicated as a final resting place for revolutionary generals and prominent Katipuneros to signify their triumph over the 300 years of Spanish rule.

Mousoleo de los Veteranos de la Revolucion
History marker
The monument erected in the family plot of the Bautista-Nakpil clan was designed in the prevailing Art Deco by one of the clans foremost member -architect Juan Nakpil. The monument is a vertical shaft enhanced along its edges with statues of Grecian women in sorrowful contemplation.
The Bautista-Nakpil Clan
Important figures in Philippine history were laid to rest in simple and decorated tombs and mausoleums. Included in the long list are Philippine presidents, war veterans, politicians, artists, and even the boxing legend Pancho Villa and who will ever forget "The King of Philippine Movies", " FPJ "........

Pacho Villa

After getting around this cemetery i was really amazed to see some of unusual things that you can see on this place. Like the pictures below.

Pine tree in a Cemetery
Manila Sphinx
But upon seeing those historic, antic, beautiful and colored tombs, are you wandering around it's back side of Manila North Cemetery. As you will see below here is some of my shots on what you will find on it southern part. A residential area where some of our fellow filipinos are staying. A low cost apartment type tomb and some children that using this ground as there playground area.

On of the walkway going to is southern part
South side of Manila North Cemetery
Aside from that, also in this location where my mother is also been buried for almost 7yrs.

I wander what there staring at?
Sunset is starting
Sunset at Manila North Cemetery
Hi, nanay, i know where ever you are right now, i know that your happy seeing us right now. I know that you're always on our sides, guarding us, for us not tobe get harmed and be on an accident. I know your now in heaven and just staring us around. I love you nanay, and we do really missed you alot....................

My mother

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