Thursday, July 7, 2011

Cudugnon Cave

El Nido's One Mysterious Cave
by lakwatserong tatay

Afterwards sailing on a wavy sea's of El Nido, we then proceeded to Cudugnon Cave, sometimes spelled out in several ways as Codugnon, Codognun, and Cudugnun, im not really sure if this is all as you can see in different tourist brochures....^_^ This cave is one of the best attractions in the area of El Nido, Palawan, because it is believed to have been a Neolithic burial-place. This cave was a significant archeological site because of its prehistoric human bones and other artifacts were found inside.
Unfortunately, some looters have swipped away most of the valuable artifacts from this cave. Luckily, some of its remains was recovered and those artifacts was transferred to our National Musuem, here in Manila, where could be useful for us to learn about the way of life of our prehistoric ancestors.
Entrance of the cave
Cudugnon Cave is located in mainland Palawan a few minutes away from Snake Island, and west part of Lagen Island, known to be a mysterious cave because of some sayings that this cave was used by some of our natives as a hiding place for Japanese who occupied our country during World War II. This secluded cave was also used to be a quarantine area for the malaria-striken, who wish to isolate themselves in an effort to stop the spread of the fatal disease...hmmmm....(buti wala na nun pagpunta namin...sana...^_^)...
The walls of Cudugnon Cave
So what do you think you can see on a mysterious cave? Well, at first you must need to pass through a small opening to get inside the Cudugnon Cave. Nowadays, the guides uses towels or foams placing at the bottom of the opening that can be effective protection against the sharp rocks that line the entrance. After passing through the small entrance hole, tourists will find themselves staring at the elevated ceilings and chiseled interiors of the cave. Or you may observe shafts of light filtering down from the ceiling and illuminating the amorphous walls, that shows various shades.
would you like to have photo opss?
One thing you must not miss before entering this cave in Palawan is bringing your camera. You must not miss the opportunity to capture the natural beauty inside the Cudugnon what i did...^_^....If your really into photography, he/she could bring a light source maybe because your camera flash will not adequately illuminate the interior beauty and its impressive caverns. Infact when we visit this cave they were few tourist that time who is almost seeing the beauty and taking photo opps around this cave.
Other tourist that time.....
Here are some of my other shots around this mysterious cave. Thanks to our photo guru...Wendz..^_^
Here are some of the shots around the cave
This fascinating cave is located near the sea and the interior becomes filled with water during hightides maybe like the Secret Lagoon that is part of Miniloc Island. Its sea waters makes it difficult to explore the cave once its submerged by seawaters, but it provides an opportunity to snorkel and enjoy the undersea wonders of this tourist site. You can also observe the diverse marine life that thrives in the island. It roofs also home to barn swallows and insectivorous bats. Here some of the photos i've taken while inside Cudugnon Cave.
I really don't what is this?
And last one thing we did not miss is our photo opportunities inside Cudugnon Cave....^_^
I really like this one.....
The ladies of temptation island..^_^
I was here....^_^
Tourist who want to explore and enjoy the wonders of Palawan shoult not miss a trip to this awesome cave. Sad to say this is the only cave we visited when we visited Palawan...huhuhuhu...Cudugnon Cave is a potent combination of archaelogical exploration and natural beauty that can only be produced thru time and years of erosion. Truly this is a mysterious cave that is a great destination for adventurous trippers like us and maybe you.......^_^.

Next stop....lunch time on its island and should i call "Cudugnon Cove".

This story is part of: Five Days Trip at Palawan


lakwatsera de primera said...

Merong pa rin bang mga vandals sa loob o tinanggal na nila?

ghienoxs™ said...

wow! entrance palang ng cave adventure na...hmp, i think need to develop my spelunking skills before visiting Cudugnon Cave.

lakwatserong tatay said...

@claire....actually wala na po ako napansin...dahil siguro medyo crowded nun pumunta kaki...^_^..pero all in all it was a great experience kasi pagpasok palang nahirapan nako eh...kitang kita naman...

lakwatserong tatay said...

@ghienox....uu sir, nahirapan kasi ako yumuko...obvious naman....pero once your inside the cave, it was really awesome....^_^


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