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El Nido's Snake Island

Originally known as Vigan Island
by lakwatserong tatay

After our sumptuous lunch at Cudugnon Cave/Cove too...hehehehe...^_^. For our third island stop that day. Is one of the famous tourist spots and island in El Nido is Snake Island, originally known as Vigan Island. A two islands that are connected by a long stretched of winding white sand bar. One is the Vigan Island itself and the other one is the hill that serves to be the head of this sandbar that shapes like a snake.....
Snake Island
Located near Pangulasian Island, this was called as the "Snake Island" because of the fine natural sandspit (s-shaped sandbar) that "snakes" off it shores. The sandbar is usually clearly visible only when it is low tide. On its both sides are shallow swimming areas.
At closer look of Vigan Island
Upon arriving on this island, all of us hurried to go up to the hill and see the spectacular scenes that our boatman telling us a while ago...Below are one of my shot going up to the hill and photo opps while staying up on it.
The trail up to the hill
The viewdeck area in Vigan Island
Aside from being one of my favorites spots in El Nido, is Snake Island, because of its clear shallow waters. Its has also a hill that gives the trippers/travellers/adventurers...etc...a 360-degree view of the surroundings. But of course you must climb up to the top, it is more or less 5minutes to hike, and at the top is a small umbrella hut used to shed for sightseeing trippers and then the photo opps is at your sights.
The other islands sites from Snake Island's hill
After getting under the sun at the top of the hill in Snake Island, we then proceed to sandbar, that has one of a kind shape because of its s-shaped sandbar. Although in Palawan, there is two island with the same name, the first is on Honda Bay, Puerto Princesa and other one is in El Nido. As of now i can't compare the two islands because i did not have the chance to visit the Snake Island of Honda Bay in Puerto Princesa. I could be biased if i say that Snake Island of El Nido is much nicer than one in Puerto Princesa. But i do hope soom i could go back to Puerto Princesa, Palawan.....^_^.
Closeup shots in the sandbar of Vigan Island
But as my experience in Snake Island of El Nido, i must say it one of a kind, i really love the trekking up to hill and stay for meanwhile on the sandbar and also take a dip on its shallow waters....^_^.
The other end of Snake Island that serves to be the head
Star fish are present on this sand bars...
All of us trippers that time were camwhores, and we did not miss the chance on having different photo souvenirs of Snake Island. In different angles, backgrounds and sights. We had it all, below are some of our selected shots that i really find nice and just want to share it to you....Hope you could do it too...^_^.
Girls of Temptation Island...^_^
The photographers of this trip...^_^
Boys of Temptation Island....^_^
 After our beacheenering experience on this island, its time to go to our next destination.......and have to say...bye...bye.....Vigan Island...Snake Island....and wishing to go back on here.....^_^ 
its time to go back...
ang sarap humiga dito...hehehehe..
Snake island sandbar...
one last shot.....bye...bye.....
Truly, El Nido is a place of grandeur with its signature limestone clifss, fascinating sights, and one of a kind islands. It is a paradise that is all in one.....^_^.
Lakwatserong Tatay was here....^_^ will be the fourth island....Natnat Beach of El Nido......^_^.

This story is part of: Five Days Trip at Palawan

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