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Puerto Galera: White Beach Resort

My 8th time at Puerto Galera
May 29-30, 2010
By Lakwatserong Tatay

Summer months is near to end and before the classes starts, i had the chance to go back to Puerto Galera, and it is my 8th time to visit this place...hehehehe..to experience again its beach. sun. swim. massage. and would be last for my summer getaway.
I was invited by one of the team from Default Dept. @ my work, Sir Dave, who happened to be my teammate at LTDM Basketball team, together with our newest member of xplorerboyz, Jeson" D Eagle", with 16 of his agent. Were headed for a weekend getaway to Oriental, Mindoro, with Team Escaran, as yours truly to be their point of contact to the place, regarding with its ferry accomodation, place to check in and dine in too. I have made an itinerary of the trip, i just wanted to share it with you..and im also the last one arrived on our meeting place..0545am..sowe....hehehe..
Puerto Galera Itinerary:
DAY 1:

0500 Meet up place @ LRT Buendia
0600 ETD for Batangas Pier via Ceres Bus
0820 ETA at Batangas Pier
0840 ETD for Puerto Galera, Mindoro
0950 ETA stop over (Muelle, Oriental, Mindoro) City town proper Pueto Galera
1015 ETD for White Beach Resort
1030 ETA White Beach Resort
1040 Check-in @ Peter’s Inn Bar & Restaurant
1045 Explore White Beach, Eat all at you can that day,
Team Escaran held their team building activities along the vacant shoreline
of Puerto Galera, and onwards, enjoy the Nightlife @ Hiyas Bar.

DAY 2:

0800 Wakeup time
0830 Breakfast and prepare for Island hopping activity, snorkeling and spelunking
0950 ETD for our day activity
1230 ETA White Beach again, Lunch time
0205 ETD for Batangas Pier
0410 ETA for Batangas Pier
0440 ETD to Manila via Ceres Bus again.
0700 ETA Crossing, EDSA0800 Home again!!!! (Antipolo)

This is Dave....yours truly, "d eagle" & ricky

at last Batangas Pier

Upon arriving at Batangas Pier, we go straight ahead to ticketing booth and inquire for my reservation, thanks Ate Anchie of Father & Son Lines, i've known her for years, she is really nice to talk with and really gives discount for large group that wants to go to Puerto Galera. We arrived around 0820 am, we've entertained by one of the staffs of the FSL that Ate Anchie's designated to us, he holds our ticket for the ferry, and he also purchase for us the environmental fee ticket and terminal fee ticket amounting P50, for our hassle free before entering Terminal II. He just hand out the ticket before entering the Terminal...o diba...hehehe..we just only paid for it.
Were just in time for this departure

Terminal II of Batangas Pier

photo opps 1st before riding our boat

the xplorerboyz " lakwatserong tatay & d eagle"

one of the FSL crew

views before docking to Muelle

how could i wish i could ride one of this somedy...hehehe..

approaching Muelle Port.
We arrived at Puerto Galera around 1030 am, most of the participants of this trip was 1st timer on this place. I just said that don't be so excited, just chilax (combination of chill and relax). Just enjoy your stay here at White Beach, and of course don't forget to try the Mindoro Sling.

Puerto Galera
our boat ride
of course...mawawala ba itoh......
We headed straight to Peter's Inn Bar & Restaurant, where we will stay for 2 days & 1 night. I've known also the owner of this establishment for years. Ate Espie is also easy to talk with, and gives also discount for large group. We had all of our meals to their restaurant. After eating brunch (combi of breakfast & lunch), some of the trippers stayed 1st at their rooms. Some of us, strolled first around the resort, where we buy some pasalubongs and souvenirs. like tshirts, sandos, keychain and pearl earings. Mid-afternoon when Team Escaran decided to start their team activity along the vacant shoreline of White Beach, and of course yours truly and d eagle, was their photographer and the same time as judges...hehehe..Afterwards, me and jeson decided to drink some beer along beach area at Peter's Bar & Restaurant, but before heading to our plan, i have decided first to have again a henna tattoo.How i wish too i could make my henna, to become a real tattoo....(yari ako sa wife ko...hehehe....).We had 3 bottles of red horses, and plates of inahaw na pork....hehehe..
view from Peter's Bar & Restaurant
'd trippers....
some of the Team Escaran

Welcome signage of Puerto Galera

What do you think for P2500 ?

checking for some stuffs...
Henna Session @ Tattoo Department

My Tattoo Artist

The finish product.....

Photo opps of d trippers @ shoreline of White Beach
banana boat time....

@ Enervon Booth

of course it has to have a back photo opps...naks!!!!

just waiting for the sunset...

drinking time...hehehe!!!!

Sunset @ Galera
I had another entry for our night escapade, island hopping activities. The night was just so right, there were so many tourist that time. Of course, one of my favorite bars at night is Hiyas. That time it was new for me because they had a fire dance not like last year the gay servers just dance with the tune of lady gaga's songs. Of course our night was filled of Mindoro sling and tower of beer..hehehe...drink all the way...As i remember i went to my room past 1. It was one of a hell Mindoro sling that night, just check out the photos on my other entry.

our boat ride going back to Batangas Pier
photo opps 1st before we leave...
photo opps even when im sleeping...hehehe

actually my partner is caught in the act...hehehe...what are u doing Eagle?
Our boat ride back to Batangas Pier took almost 3 hours due to wavy and bumpy ride because we travelled late afternoon that time and expect to have bumpy ride that time if your in the coast of Batangas.
just see how the water is wavy.

at last we finally landed...hehehe...xplorerboyz..succeded once again...
Before 5pm, we finally manage to arrive safe and sound at Batangas Pier Terminal II, where FSL dock. Rode again a Ceres Bus (we love this bus), trip is via Calabarzon again, bus ride going home lasted for more than 2 hours. To summarize the trip we had real fun under the sun, and enjoyed the sceneries and activities, and an unexpected trip to the beach which turned out to be a great late summer getaway and really helped us relaxed and simply enjoy the heat!
166.50 Bus to Batangas Pier (Ceres Transport)
450.00 2 way ticket (Father & Sons Lines)
50.00 Environmental Fee
30.00 Terminal Fee
400.00 4 meals (2 days)
150.00 souvenirs (80 pearl earings, 30 ref magnet , 40 key chain)
2000 Island Hopping (11 pax)
200 Snorkeling and underwater cave (per person)
166 Bus to Manila (Ceres Bus)
Father & Sons Lines
Trips to Sabang, Muelle & White Beach
Contact Person: Ate Anchie (FSL) : 09164708345 / 09233504305


Anonymous said...

hindi po sya ceres...BATANGAS STAR EXPRESS po name ng bus na yan

lakwatserong tatay said...

@anonymous, Opo meron po talaga Batangas Star Express, pero yong time na umalis kami Ceres Transport po yung sinakyan namin...ung color Blue....BTW, thanks for additional info...

Anonymous said...

hi ask ko lang if how much ang hotel accomodation for 2 days 1 night.thanks

lakwatserong tatay said...

@anonymous...as of po last week meron po ngpm skin...binigay po ni ate espie un room for 1k per night...it's much better po to contact ate espie tapos po sabhin nyo c brian po ngrefer sakin...^_^

Anonymous said...

hi lakwatserong tatay.. question lang po..anu po contact number ni Ate Espie? pupunta po kasi kami ng puerto sa holyweek..near the beach kaya sila? Thanks in advance!


lakwatserong tatay said...

@lea....e2 po number ni ate espie 09178981913...yap po near the beach lang po sila...^_^

chaji del rosario said...

hi. our family is planning our first trip to PG. i need some help on where to go para masulit ung trip :-). ung island hopping ba will be a tour of muelle, sabang and white beach? any recommendations of the best places to visit? thanks!

lakwatserong tatay said...

Hi chaji, actually if your coming from white beach, most of the time the island hopping includes...Encenada Beach, Varadero Bay, Palangan, Dulanga Beach, Boquete Island and Haligi Beach that ranges from 1500-2000, or sometimes it will be depending on your haggling skills. Perhaps you could go to tamaraw falls at siyempre yun normal beach activities and dont ever missed the Mindoro Sling cocktail...^_^ or to make it easy, you may check their website...

hope i've helped you alot and give you and your family some idea..

thanks for the visit...^_^

Darwin said...

sir laktwatserong tatay,
pupunta po kami ng barkada ko sa PG
this weekend (April13)
ano po yung updated number sa Peter's Inn?
parang ok na samin yung ganun compared
sa ibang resort. thanks :)


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