Friday, June 1, 2012

Weekend Getaway: The Baluarte Experience....

by lakwatserong tatay
One of the tourist spots that we visited is really known in Ilocos Sur, known to be Chavit's home town, known as BALUARTE. Some might say it is a must visit, one of the best tourist attraction in Ilocos and as we've seen it, infact for us, that was true......hehehehe..^_^

Baluarte, stands on a hill and provides an awesome scenic view of the Vigan city. It has approximately 80 hectares with a mini zoo, shooting range, and a chapel....and among others.  The Structures of facilities and amenities, phases of construction is its best possible realisitc and natural habitat for its animal care.

There are so much things and activities you could do in Baluarte, and its absolutely for FREE!!. Such as feeding them, petting them, riding the "tiburin" (a small horse-drawn carriage) and stay for meanwhile on their Butterfly Garden, a picnic area for your family and friends.

One of our most memorable part on this trip is being part of Baluarte's Live Animal Show, held 4 times a day, 7 days a week, this is a animal encounter show that allows the visitors to come up close and personal with 8-10 exotic animals, as part of it educational and necessary survival instincts of these animal where discussed to the guest. Right after the show, the guests are given a chance to have their photo souvenirs with these animals with the assistance of the caretaker to guarantee its safety. This show is also for FREE!.

Below are some of the photo opps of other visitors and of course us, Lakwatserong Tatay's....^_^

Some of the animals that got our attention....^_^

It was a very cool experience, having the chance to encounter in flesh all of those exotic creatures and one of my favorite is our photo off with tiger (below). Actually we had a video that was not included in the show, because me and johari really got shocked when the tiger suddenly turn his head to us while having this photo opps, but it was just that and all of the crew that time, laugh all the way as they saw of afraid and shocked faces...infact as we watch that...we also laugh....(kayo ba naman ang tumalon paatras ng sabay angat pa talaga paa at kamay....hehehehe...sabay tulala mode ng sandali dahil sa sobrang gulat....^_^)
one of my favorite photos....^_^
For more information about Baluarte, you may want to click this link: here

Hour of operation are 7am to 6 pm - 7 days a week.
Entrance are FREE, Ride are FREE.....


Mitch said...

ahhh..ingget q. We didnt make it to the finals! lol.. ung mga live animals pala. kasi, umalis kami agad. hay...Miss Vigan now! Musta naman ang exp with Harry?

lakwatserong tatay said...

@mitch...sayang nga...grabe an lupit nun...isa sa mga hindi ko makakalimutang pangyayari...kala naman sasakmalin kami eh..nagpacute lng pla cya samin tapos sabay..balik harap sa camera...^_^

Ichan said...

kabado k b pre nung nagpapic kau sa tigre? kung ako kakabahan tlga ako eh hehehe


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