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Don Henrico's Pizza, Pasta and more....

by lakwatserong tatay

It's been a while since i shared my food trips, the last one i did was, when i was in Palawan. Eating in different places, turo-turo, carinderia and restaurants, is one of my favorite hobby...hehehehe...i really love to eat but sad to say i do eat only beef & pork meat, chicken and vegetables, all kinds of seafoods delicacies sorry po...i really don't know but as far as i remember i got traumatized with a fish bone stuck in my throat, maybe that's one of the reason why until now i did not eat any kind of seafoods....

So let's get back to my food trip story, last friday (Dec. 2), together with my teammates and our supervisor, we celebrated our christmas party at Don Henrico's, SM Mall of Asia branch, before we got into this place, we did have actually so many choices, were we should celebrate our christmas party, and after few weeks of battling for different restaurant, our group finally decided to go for Don Henrico's, we find this restaurant suite to our budget and we will have different food choices were each of us could choose.

We pre-ordered all what we could order for 18 persons, most of our food choices were good for 10-15 persons, of course i do have my personal choice like Dip & Nachos, Chicken Fingers, Spaghetti Meatballs, The Meat Pizza and the best seller in Don Henrico's it's Buffalo Wings.
Don Henrico's Ristorante
Here's what we ordered:

In Don Henrico's, they called this is Antipasti (means "before the meal"), a traditional first course of a formal Italian meal.

DIP and NACHOS - warm cornmeal nachos wtih creamy cheese sauce and taco sauce.
Dip & Nachos - P180.00
There's no something special with dip and nachos, but i do really like it's taco sauce, in fact we refilled it many times....hehehehe.

CHICKEN FINGERS & POTATO WEDGES - deep-fried chicken tenderloin with potato wedges as a side dish with honey mustard dressing.
Chicken Fingers & Potato Wedges - P195.00
This is one of my favorites in Don Henrico's because of it's golden and tasty brown chicken meat and add to that a common french fries, that reminds me of KFC's french fries...personally i do not really like the sauce, but to be fare enough i used the taco sauce to replace the honey mustard dressing...hehehe.

CALAMARI FRITTI - slice ring squid that is lightly battered and fried to a golden finish, served with marinara sauce.
Calamari Fritti - P175.00
As my teammates says, it just like the usual calamares that we could just find, although the breading itself add addtional taste to the squid and having an special marinara sauce, that i think it became unusual to other calamares....

BAKED MUSSELS - baked mussels in garlic butter-wine sauce topped with Bechamel and cheese.
Baked Mussels - P175.00
For this baked mussels, only two of my teammates ordered this dish and they both said, at first it taste good but the rest is just fine like getting tired of a certain food that you've eating for a while and the mussels is quite small for a serving...hehehe..

In every italian restaurant you must not missed to check out their pasta's for this time we ordered as follows:

SPAGHETTI MEATBALLS - spaghetti in tomato sauce topped with beef meatballs.
Spaghetti Meatballs - P220.00
I really love eating pasta specially meat spaghetti, but an italian type of spaghetti meatballs made me think of first to eat, because we all knew that italian type of spaghetti is quite sour, because of amount of tomatoes used as a sauce. but for this one, it's just an average italian spaghetti, the beef meatballs is not quite tasty as i expected.

TUTTO DE MARE - composed of shrimp and squid cooked in flavorful marinara sauce with added selected herbs, garlic, chili and tomatoes smothered over linguine noodles.
Tutto de Mare (Hot) - P280.00
For this seafood pasta, again two of my teammates ordered this one, they both said that it just an average type pasta, it has the right type of chili flavor and all in all they both like it.

We had also Chicken Al Pesto P240 (share) - penne pasta with fresh button mushroom, tomato, chopped garlic and garlic sliver, tossed in a cream pesto sauce, topped with deep-fried chicken breast. Actually im not a fan of eating pesto pasta, so i wasn't able to taste it, and forgot to take a picture of it....hehehe.

We also ordered one of my favorite, Pizza, and of course were in an italian restaurant, Don Henrico's offer's a wide range of pizza choices, that our group has the chance to choose of.

THE MEAT PIZZA - made of pepperoni, ham, ground beef, and italian sausage baked with pomodoro sauce and mozzarella cheese.
The Meat Pizza - P730.00
Actually i did not have the chance to get a slice of this pizza, because it's just like been blown into the wind as it was served.....hehehehe...but based from my teammate who got the chance to take slices it taste really good, btw. this is the biggest size 18 inches with 10 slices.

RUSTIC ITALIAN PIZZA - made of pepperoni, italian sausage, mushrooms, garlic sliver, onions, diced tomatoes, and mozzarella cheese baked with creamy garlic sauce.
Rustic Italian Pizza - P760.00
I did have the chance to taste it, but it was just bit because im really full that time, and have a the chance to take out a slice of short sa bahay ko tinira...

In an Italian Restaurant there is usually called Entree also called as a first course, appetizer, or starter, a dish served before the main course, or between two principal courses of a meal.
Here's what we ordered:

PAELLA VALENCIANA - a rice in tomato sauce and olive oil, together with chicken, seafood and chorizo makes it a full meal.
Paella Valenciana - P180.00
Actually im not used in eating paella's like this specially with seafoods but based from my teammates who ordered this paella, it just an average paella rice, that looks been newly mixed steamed rice that was mixed with its ingredients makes it a paella valenciana....this was just based from them...hehehehe.

CAPTAIN CRUNCH FRIED CHICKEN - tender cuts of chicken marinated with special seasoning, and cooked to golden crisp and served with gravy sauce.
Captain Crunch Fried Chicken - P720.00
Again, i did not have the chance to taste it, but as i look it, it was just like an average marinated chicken when doing it your own houses, and based from my teammates who ordered it, it just taste like the usual fried chicken, they didn't tell any comparison...hehehehe.

DON HENRICO'S BUFFALO WINGS - deep-fried tossed with Don Henrico's Buffalo sauce served with creamy ranch dipping sauce.
Don Henrico's Buffalo Wings - P720.00
This dish is my favorite in Don Henrico's specially when it served really hot, and when you tear it apart you will actually see the smoke that is freshly cooked and eat while it is hot....hehehe...
All in all, we had a full enough our stomachs and definitely we had great food choices that we shared. For total cost don't ask because it was quite pricey as we all know, this is Don Henrico's, the serving was quite good it was really depending on the dish. For the food is was average, based from my co-teammates and of course coming from me.
Will I comeback? Yes, of course to taste again my favorite Buffalo Wings and maybe to try different dishes.

Don Henrico's Ristorante
SM Mall of Asia
Ground Lvl., North Wing, Entertainment Mall, MOA, Pasay City
Tel. nos.: 556-2848; 556-2904


Chyng said...

natakam ako sa paella valenciana! yum!

lakwatserong tatay said...

hehehe...uu sabi ng mga kaofficemate ko ayus naman daw....^_^.

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