Tuesday, February 12, 2013

DIY Trip: Enchanting Daranak Falls

by lakwatserong tatay

Two of the majestic falls that is near in the metro that within 2-3 hours of driving or commuting, one of the popular destination for movie scenes, tv commercials, wedding pictorials and favorite getaway among the locals that living near this majestic and beautiful falls. A two majestic falls in one place. Sounds great...right?

Located both in Tanay, Rizal, facilitated by city's local government and few minutes away from its city proper. Our second destination for the day is known as Daranak Falls, means "Dadanak ang Dugo" or "The Coming of the Blood", maybe it came through its historical past or this location maybe part of our war history, that i may not be sure......But more of the funny side and let us remains its past, this falls can be transcribe as "Dadanak ang Saya or Coming of Fun", in short "Its  More Fun in the Philippines", right...^_^

Daranak falls opens from 8am to 5pm, with entrance fees of php20 for adults and php15 for children. Renting picnic table is optional but if you really want you will have to shed out php100 for picnic table. Overnight staying in Daranak falls is prohibited however Batlag falls which is located on its upper portion offering overnights....check my next post for Batlag falls...^_^

We arrive to its park quite early and had the chance to chat with other travelers alike, other group trippers and among locals too....^_^

Upon entering the premises a mini hanging bridge will greet you. On each other side views a captivating cascading of waters will entice your eyes, some rock formations maybe done by locals or trippers alike that got the chance to get down to its stream.

After few minutes of walk on a cemented path......waaaalah....the beautiful and stream of cold waters of Daranak falls can be seen....A 14 meters-high falls that has a catch basin pool, with a very cool and relaxing waters for swimming. Lucky enough for us that time, we are among of the first trippers...so we had the chance to go for a few minutes of deep..however we really did not swim.....our purpose on this trip is to take more shots as we can....maybe the next time ill be in here i will never missed to go swimming on its catch basin pool....^_^

Here are some of them.....from the falls, and its streaming cold waters and hope you like it....^_^

Daranak Falls

It maybe a quick trip stop but it was full of funny and unexpected scenes, as one of my co-tripper got dizzy upon going to Batlag falls, she was quite heavy....^_^ and among us 5 trippers we are the only two guys so we had no choice and stop for few moments as she must have to regain her strength but afterwards decided not to go to Batlag falls. So my two other cotrippers "Jheng & Judz" stay with him...together with Ichan, we walked up to cemented path and after few minutes were greeted by the Batlag falls entrance....see you in my next post.....^_^

Lakwatserong Tatay @ Daranak Falls
Note: Bathrooms and shower rooms are available so don't worry changing up your wet clothes.

How to get there:

You may take two options via GTXpress Vans or Jeepney ride to Tanay Market. For GTX will cost you php70 located in Starmall (EDSA cor Shaw Blvd.). For Jeepney ride: will cost you php55 located also in Starmall and another terminal in Parklea Jeepney Terminal adjacent to Starmall. Traveling to Tanay is about 2-3 hrs depending on the traffic situation, specially on Ortigas Extension. As you arrive in Tanay Market, most of the tricycle will stare at you and talked to you to bring in your destination. The usual fare is php150/4pax up to Daranak falls entrance, however there are no tricycle waiting near the falls going back to Tanay market, so its a better option to negotiate with your tricycle driver and used your haggling skills...^_^.
Or else you will have to walk on foot up to the main highway and maybe to Tanay market and pray to have a tricycle that has no passenger...^_^

Next stop.....A Glimpse of Batlag Falls......


Manong Unyol said...

ang ganda naman nito sir :) ngayon ko lang narinig yan na falls..

thisisLOVELEE said...

This is a easy trip from Metro Manila that I can see myself going to in the very near future. Thanks for sharing! =)

Trekker Trail said...

I remember Tinago Falls, I think they have similar characteristics. Great post! Informative..

TheKidWanderer said...

Thanks for sharing sir. I might have pay visit here. Ito guide ko. :)]

lakwatserong tatay said...

@manong unyol...uu maganda talaga malapit pa..kaya dapat dayuhin mo nah...^_^

@thisisLOVELEE...thanks po...a definitely must see waterfalls near Metro Manila po..^_^

@trekker trail...thanks po...yan po ba yun sa Iligan City...ganda talaga nun..sayang lang grabe entrance fees dun magkakaiba...^_^

@thekidwanderer...thanks po...enjoy po sa pagswiswimming dun sa mga falls...pwede karin magcalinawan cave as a sidetrip pa...^_^

ERICA said...

nice :) went there as well :)

The Girl with the Muji Hat

Anonymous said...

Were going there :)) Yey.


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