Tuesday, April 21, 2015

My First Visit in the Town of Gapan

by lakwatserong tatay

lakwatserong tatay @ Nueva Ecija
This is the first time i've visited the province of Nueva Ecija and had a day tour to two of its town, Gapan & General Tinio. I usually passed by on this province on my way to other provinces. Lucky for me, last April 4, i had the chance to visit it due to an invitation to attend a christening. Since i've heard a lot about Minalungao National Park of General Tinio (formerly known as Papaya) and it is locations was just two towns away from Gapan, where we will be attending christening. I agreed to go with my co-xplorerboyz joel and melvin...^_^.

Our first plan was supposed to go to ecopark first, however due to traffic that we've encountered going to Gapan. We decided to do our side trip after the christening & reception, which came out a right decision..#busogmunch #tipididity...^_^
Three Kings Parish Church

Church's center aisle
Arriving to church, hour earlier the christening, giving us the chance to tour the Gapan Church, known as Three Kings Parish Church, the biggest and oldest church in the Province of Nueva Ecija.

One of the church brick post with Angel's
Church was built in the 1800's by Augustinian friars with Gapanense forced labor, the brick church was once a witness, had been tested and stands the natural and man-made calamities including the 1896 Philippine Revolution, World War II and the Great 1990 earthquake.
Mural Painting at Church Cupola's Ceiling
Gapan Church is a pilgrimage site for two miraculous patron saints, the three kings which is celebrated every January 6 and the Divina Pastora every May 1. Gapan Church was also declared as the National Shrine of the Divina Pastora.
Gapan Church's Main Altar
Gapan Church has a belfry that have four huge bells, (however we wasn't able to check it). These bells where also been part of our history and was made and casted during 1890's. The church interior seen above on my 2nd and 3rd pictures, was renovated during 1980's The stucco coating of walls was stripped out to show the bricks underneath. The church's main altar was also renovated during 1970's and was change to marble and concrete with it's huge crucifix, that is known to be as the second biggest crucifix in the Philippines. Beside the church was also a convento that was converted as Divina Pastora College that was founded in the late 1950's.
Gapan City Public Market
So after giving you a brief history and background about Gapan's Church. We had another tour around on its public market. It's summertime and the heat of the sun was really striking us that time. So we looked for a halo-halo which is best refreshment for summer season. While looking for that, we had the chance see and tour it's public market which has different sections, dry and wet, and way backward was a Divisoria feeling because of wholesaling transaction of its fresh vegetables...^_^
Gapan City Wet Market
So at last, after walking few hundred meters away to Gapan Church and Gapan Public Market, we managed to see a local stall that sells a halo-halo.....^_^ #sarapnghalohalosasummer....^_^
Halo-halo is the best for summer...^_^
So moving forward, after having halo-halo near the public market of Gapan and our tour inside Gapan's Church. The christening started and right after the reception followed which held near the church's vicinity, the church's parish center was used for their reception.
X-plorerboyz @ Gapan Church
And after having photo opps, christening celebration and eating session at the reception. Our most awaited side trip follows. But before that, we will not missed the photo opps on its church facade. ^_^
Me @ Gapan Church

Three King Parish Church (Gapan Church)
"National Shrine of Virgen La Divina Pastora"
Address: Delos Reyes St., Gapan City, Nueva Ecija

next stop: Minalungao National Park, General Tinio, Nueva Ecija

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mark said...

Thanks a lot for sharing your wonderful experience in Gapan, Nueva Ecija. šŸ˜Š I'm originally from Nueva Ecija but sadly I've never had a chance to visit the Three Kings Parish, the oldest church in my province. Gapan laso has popular celebrities like Eula Valdez, Nida Blanca, Ryza Cenon and some national artists.


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