Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Day 2: Part 1 - Paguriran Island and Paguriran Island Resort

One of the Sorsogon's Pride: Paguriran Island
Sawanga, Bacon District, Sorsogon
by lakwatserong tatay

From our tireless 1st day trip. We need to have a scenic view were we will just chillax and of course, photo sessions will be present. Johari's places is really nearby a shoreline, and were really lucky because just few meters away. One of the 5 beaches/island of Sorsogon is just reachable by walking across its shoreline. By researching some info's regarding with this islet..this is just an small island infronting the Paguriran Island Beach Resort, that can found in Sawanga, Bacon District, Sorsogon. The island itself is very picturesque, with a beautiful lagoon at its center with the earth and craggy rock wall formation enclosing it, jutting upwards. much like a volcano crater.

Paguriran Island
Although this island has been featured in several print media, it has remained almost untouched. Maybe this is one of the most uinqie characteristic of this island,because the visitors of this island, the tourist and the locals are more conscientious enough to protect and preserve this magnificence island. Paguriran Island lagoon in the past, was  used to be a sanctuary for giant sea turtles or pawikan. Residents say there are plans to restore the pawikan sanctuary. At present, the waters surrounding the island is Bacon's marine sanctuary.

Early walk is good to your health
While walking across it's shoreline you can see that it's sea water is really a waste free environment because you could see some mangroves and even shells on it's shores.

Mangroves is present across it's shoreline

Sea shells on its shoreline
Upon reaching this magnificient destination, tourist can enjoy swimming, diving, taking great pictures or maybe just having a simple picnic with your family and friends.

X-plorerboyz @ Paguriran Island
On it's island, is a really majestic view that you could see also the Mayon Volcano, sad to say that time Mayon Volcano again is shy to us. You could also see the Marine sanctuary around this island. Some rock formations is also present on this island, that reminds me of Palawan. This island reminds me of White island (bohol) because the time we arrived on this island you could actually walk on this white sand as you can see above. Before you will enter it's lagoon you could probably take some photo opps like what we did....

Paguriran Island's Lagoon
Some of the rock formations around this island
To climb up the upper part of this island, you have to prepare some gloves and a pair of trekking sandals, because of the rough edges of its rocks that could give you some brushes or maybe a bit cut...hehehe....FYI...don't used any sandals specially like most expensive one's...because maybe you will suffer afterwards...hehehe...And of course, this is one of the most important thing that you must not forget...CAMERA's.......hehehe...
Paguriran's Lagoon on upper view
This was supposed to be a lamp on this island...
do you know what is this monument?...hehehe !!!!
Xplorerboyz are lost ? hmmmm!!!
We stayed on the island for more than 3 hours, together with some locals swiming also inside on it's lagoon...of course, swimming is most part of our activity aside from photo opps...But while when we are snorkeling around its lagoon.....we had an unusual could see it below...

A very beautiful lagoon
entrance to other side of this island..
Xplorerboyz on swimming lessons...hehehehe!!!!
Our unusual guest, sea snake....locally known as "Walo-walo"
If you are more of an diver type of swimmer this part of the island is more likely you want to go...were you could jump from one of the rock formations, the depth of the water is around 20-30 mtrs. depth. Most of us tried to was a really drop...ang sarap...hehehe !!!!! There is one shot that i really like...this is one of my favorite....hehehe !!!!!
The Diving spot
Xplorerboyz on action...

What a jump? ako kinabahan dito eh...hehehe !!!!

After getting under the sun for few hours and stayed and swimming all the way on this island...Experience to encounter one of the most venomous in sea waters...The "walo-walo"...We headed to Paguriran Island Resort just infront of this Paguriran Island.

Paguriran Island Resort Shoreline

Of course, before heading to the resort photo opps is still our priority...hehehe !!!!!! And afterwards, videoke time na.....

Paguriran Island Resort
If you are looking for a simple but yet scenic resort, i could suggest this one. This resort is not as high end as we know, it is really a simple resort, but what i could really is a very relaxing place that you could stay.
Paguriran Island infront...
cottages of the resort
and cottages again...
videoke time !!!!!
I would like to thank to our host for this trip...Johari for bringing us here in this peaceful place yet a very serene and scenic place you could be.....
of course...i have my solo pic on this island...hehehehe !!!!

ok let's go for day 2 trip........

So please for check our next 2 of a different adventure continues .........


Jovial Wanderer said...

Wow! Seems like a great place to visit. Thanks for this. I was looking at the destinations and Bacon caught my eye thinking it was about food. Haha!

lakwatserong tatay said...

@jovial wanderer, yap it was really a great place and a perfect summer getaway when you're in Sorsogon...hahaha..actually ganyan din reaksyon namin sa name nun town eh...nakakagutom..^_^

Batangala said...

we've been to the place about 2 years ago and my family bought plane tickets on promo just to see it, ha ha ha. we saw it in a travel channel.

unfortunately, it was in november to coincide with my daughter's bday and the butanding season hasn't started yet.

Sole Pendulum said...

Ang sayaaa!

Too bad we didin't try the cliff jumping. :D

benj said...

Nice find Sir! Great to see a place with a curious name get featured! :D

lakwatserong tatay said...

@batangala...sayang naman po...pero pwede naman balikan toh..hinihintay lang ulit yun family trip nyo..^_^

@sole pendulum...tama kayo mam...ang saya talaga...fear factor dating...lalo na yun walo walo experience namin....^_^

@benj...thanks po...hayaan nyo ask ko yun kumpare why it is called paguriran island since taga dun siya...^_^

Anonymous said...

That was a nice jump! A great experience, Cheers!

Novie Barretto said...

Posible bang 1 day trip lang 'to from Legazpi City?

Anonymous said...

Yes Mam Novie pwede niu po gawing day trip lang toh. Lalo kung may service kayo baka within 2hrs nandun na kau.


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