Monday, January 30, 2012

Sneak Peak: The Start of My Adventures and Wishes for 2012

by lakwatserong tatay

Hello 2012!!!!!....I do expect this year would be more of land travels and most of it will be mountain trips. I really missed trekking and reach every summit of the mountains and the overnight camping specially the "socials at night"....hehehe....Although i do have a one confirmed trip to Leyte this coming April (family trip), that will be my only trip via air and the rest would be via bus, jeep, habal-habal, tricycle or maybe roro transfers...any thing that using land transfers..I do not have a bucket of list that i want to travel but instead it would be a monthly trekking trips in different places and some DIY trips....^_^...
January, 2012 will be ending in few days, i have already visited three towns and two cities.

Here's the Sneak Preview of my January, 2012 Trekking adventures with Tropang Tits & Pips:

January 7: Our Destination are a Day Hike Trip to Mt. Talamitam (Sitio, Bayabasan, Nasugbu, Batangas).

Group pic @ the Summit of Mt. Talamitam
Here's another shot courtesy of Ichan (aka: anak ng kidlat), our group photo opps together with our guide at the summit of Mt. Talamitam, this was around 12nn, but the sun was so cooperate to us and it just give us a few sunlight, although we expect that time it would rain because it was a bit cloudy but luckily we trek up, reach the summit and descent after having lunch at the summit, we just encounter few drops of rain.....were really happy that time....hehehehe...(i'll be doing a separate post for climb so watch for it!!!)
Group pic again with our guide (Kuya Paul in Cap)
After a grueling dayhike of Mt. Talamitam, one of our unexpected side trips is the river of Brgy. Bayabasan known as Layong Bilog River, were we had freshen up and chillax for an hour, before proceeding to our next destination. (i'll be doing a separate post for this river watch out for it!!!!)
Tropang Tits & Pips with Princess @ Layong Bilog River
After being freshen up, we proceed to our next destination. It took us almost 2 hours to reach our sidetrip.
Our walk tour to Town of Taal, Batangas, to visit the "Asia's Biggest Catholic Church known as Taal Basilica" and our Walk to Heritage Village of Taal. (i'll be having separate posts for this walk watch for it!!!)
It's me @ Taal Basilica Marker....^_^
January 16: My First Time to See the Famous Waterfalls behind the Famous Folk Song "Tayo na sa Antipolo".  The Hinulugang Taktak Falls......(i'll be doing separate story about this do watch for it!!!)
My photo opps @ Hinulugang Taktak Falls
After visiting the resort/place of our desired reception for our youngest son 1st birthday celebration. It come to my mind that time that i've been living to Antipolo for almost 4 years and i've heard so much about this falls and other spots that can be seen in Antipolo, because of that, together with my wife, i encourage him to go to this falls since my wife last visit is when she was on high school (1st year), but as we reach the park and it's falls my wife told me there's been no changes aside from close swimming pool inside on its park, closed stalls and stores, and an almost abandoned park, but we cited few lovers inside the park....hehehehe...^_^.
it's me with my lovely wife...reggie...^_^
Just last January 22, i had also my first food trip, happened at Chick-Boy Chicken at was a family dinner with my kids, my kids nanny and with my wife
My 2012 Wishlist:

As 2011 end, my dreamhouse is almost done, and i wish this year, we could transfer from it, but i hope before we transfer it's already furnished and also we could buy all the necessary things that we will used on our dream's to many to mention.......^_^.
our dream house....^_^
Here's my 2nd wish this year, a telephoto lens (70-300 mm), no matter what's brand but of course, i'm looking for the cheapest brand that is compatible to my cam....^_^. If there's willing to sell their lens like this (syempre dapat in very good condition and mura po!!!) or like to sponsor me to have this dream lens of mine....(meron kaya ?)....

Tele-photo lens (70-300mm) range
The 2nd gadget on my bucket of wishlist is to own a laptop, i wish to have a laptop not just a notebook but it must have at least the capabilities of a desktop...hehehe...^_^... i will used it as my personal unit of course for blogging, and on my trips.
one of my dream unit in laptops.....^_^
And last on my wishlist for this year 2012, is to have a healthy and happy kids would be always in good health and also my wife would always give me a go signal on each my trips (hehehehe..wish ko talaga yan..) more travels together with friends and of course with my family....and to finish all of my draft post stories and share it all to you .....(medyo marami po kasi talaga...hehehehe) that would be all....
One more thing pa pala...i hope i could meet any of travel bloggers in the road...^_^.....


Chyng said...

wow for the dream house! kainggit!

Pinoy Adventurista said...

nasa Talamitam lang ako last weekend... sayang di naman na try mag swim sa ilog...hehehe!

ang layo ng side trip pero sulit naman diba? ang ganda sa Taal...

good luck po sa mga wish list! God bless po... regards kay wifey... :)

dong ho said...

sulit ang telephoto. ive been using it and enjoying it.

mukhang magkikita talaga tayo nito sa bundok.

lakwatserong tatay said...

@chyng...d bale kayang kaya mo rin nman bumili ng ganyan...hehehehe..
@mervs...sayang naman..pero ang sarap dun sa ilog...babalik pa siguro kami sa taal, kasi medyo bitin na un oras ng stay namin dun eh...sana nga matupad ko lahat ng wish ko....^_^
@sir dom...sana po mabili ko talaga sya, sana nga po, or pwde po ba makisabay sa trips nyo kahit po one day lang masaya nako....hehehe..

Ichan said...

bilhin n kasi ung telephoto lens! ako ng bahala magpaliwanag kay mare.. wahahahaha

lakwatserong tatay said... go signal nman na ko...nde lang talga ko sure kung bibilhin ko sya..


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