Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Day 1: Trip to Kalibo

by lakwatserong tatay

One of my expected trip last year together with my family. Were supposed to be 6 flying to Kalibo but my sister's bf got a conflict on thier house so he wasn't able to join us on our trip. So were 3 singles that day, my tatay, my sister lyca, and of course me, my bro nikki is together with my sister-in-law hazel, this is kinda late romantic getaway for this two....hehehe...and for me this would be my very first time to set foot on this island paradise called as Boracay Island, infact i've attempted so many times to go to this place but i don't really know why it is always had a conflict or i have other scheduled trip when there is invites...hehehehe...but i think it's God will that for my first time i will be going to Boracay together with my family....and all of us were first timers......^_^
Manila Domestic Passenger Terminal
Our flight was schedule 4pm and we arrived at MIA around 2:30pm and like always happening in every of my flights, our flight was delayed for almost 30 minutes so we departed around 4:30 pm (at least naramdaman ng mga kasama ko un delayed flight...hehehehe...)
Our fleet......Zest Air
Upon checking in, we already proceed on paying our terminal fee (php200)...this vacation was almost a treat by my brother, i just only prepared our itinerary, accomodation, our activities and of course our contact person in Kalibo, my friend Pong who is now residing in Kalibo.
Here's my brother paying our terminal fee
So we have to wait for almost 2 hours including the flight delayed announce prior to our flight schedule. What do you think we do.....of course photo opps in every corner of the airport...but sad to say...most of  our pictures taken is coming from the camera that lost on this trip....huhuhuhu...Aside from photo opps we ate as much as we can...i remember we ate from each stalls inside MIA...hehehe...(parang patay gutom mode lang...2 hours ba naman)...Here's one of our souvenir shot inside MIA.
my tatay and sister photo opps while on waiting area
And here's mine...my souvenir boarding pass ticket of Zest Air, everytime im on a trip specially in a plane, i'm used to collect it and placed it in an scrap book...and noted all of the details of each my flights....^_^.
my boarding pass....^_^
So after almost 2 hours of strolling around inside MIA, eating in each of eery stalls, having different poses and photo opps in every corner of the airport...we heard an announcement that its time to aboard...hayz...all of the passenger that time were happy because it is was already late afternoon. Maybe most of the passenger that day will travel via commute....lucky for us we will be fetched by my friend Pong and drove up to Caticlan Port and there will also fetching us in Cagban Port, cousin of Pong.....now it boarding time...and photo opps also...^_^
were boarding via gate 4
Here's my brother and sister-in-law first airplane ride and a romantic getaway/honeymoon/ etc....hehehe...
my bro and sister-in-law
As we walked to the field, my sister actually got scared seeing our plane because he saw huge elesi blades...she thought that as she have seen in tv's that it has an jet engine turbines...at first im still insisting to my sister that it is safe to ride with kind of plane.....but actually this is not my first time to ride a propeller type plane and actually this is much bigger than one in SEAIR planes..but frankly speaking i'm a bit scared riding this of plane, i just hide it....hehehehe...
our plane that day...^_^
Here's one of the photo opps of my brother and sister....even though my sister is really afraid to get inside the plane, she manage to get a perfect smile just for this photo opps....hehehehe...(pero parang adik lang tatay ko sa taas...^_^)
oks na sana eh...pasaway lang tatay ko...^_^
Here are some of our shots inside the plane...actually this is only 3 but as i remember it was almost 50 shots in 1 camera that we take inside the plane...(grabe ang ginawa ng mga kapatid ko na photo souvenirs...hehehe)
photo opps of flight attendant...^_^
Of course, we will not missed our bonding shots...here's one my bro and hazel's photo opps...^_^
photo opps again....^_^
Here's one of my photo opps inside the plane together with my tatay and sister...^_^
i'm with my tatay, and sister....^_^
Of course, one of my favorite in every plane ride...the clouds....i do really missed my other camera because it has more souvenir pictures...huhuhu...
it was quite cloudy that day....
After 1hr and almost 10 minutes our plane is approaching the town of Kalibo and few minutes afterwards as the picture shown below we landed...yahooooo.....
In few minutes...Welcome Kalibo.......^_^
It was around 5:40pm, and lucky for us the sun is still up for that time...and my friend Pong is waiting inside the airport.....
Kalibo International Airport....
My sister was actually happy that we landed safe because she was really afraid the whole flight...hehehe...kasi ba naman di propeller pala sasakyan namin eh...And after a bit chitchat and buying some refreshment just outside the airport, we started our journey to Caticlan.....as per Pong it will be roughly 2 hours of driving towards to Caticlan Port....so this is the end of our trip to Kalibo.....^_^...watch out for the following stories behind our family trip to Boracay....^_^..


dong ho said...

wow! this was the place that i missed to visit early this year. lookign forward to the coming posts.

2hours around MIA with people you love.... will never be boring.

lakwatserong tatay said...

@sir dom....sayang naman...pero oks lang sigurado naman meron po kayo naging ibang plans nun...hehehe...thanks po...hopefully within 2 weeks matapos ko tong boracay trip post...medyo busy po kasi eh...hehehehe


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