Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Day 2: Souvenir Time at D' Talipapa

by lakwatserong tatay

In every place i've been, i do not miss to visit the pasalubong center or souvenir shops. In Boracay souvenirs are everywhere, but there are places that particularly you could buy good stuffs at very reasonable prices.
Here's one place that i could suggest if you want souvenirs from Boracay at a very resonable price, here at D' Talipapa. Not like the famous D'Mall that is also offering souvenir shops, convenient stores and famous shops like when your in a mall, were prices are much higher....^_^
more...and more souvenir stores...
D' Talipapa is situated near Station 2 and walking distance from White Beach particularly near to Boracay Courtyard, Sunset Beach Resort and Amigos Beach Resort. A public market where you could buy souvenir items from native items, keychains, souvenir tshirts, convenient stores and food shops also.
Stores @ D' Talipapa
If your familiar with Manila's Dampa and Seaside market, were you will buy your ingredients and the restaurant will cook it for "Paluto system". Your in the right place, D' Talipapa is a public market where you could buy vegetables, meat, seafoods and other food items at a low price. D' Talipapa offers this kind of paluto system too, where you will buy your own ingredients, mostly seafood, fish and meat and have them cooked for you, in a per kilo basis, similar to our Manila's Dampa...
D' Talipapa's Wet Market
Here are some of the restaurant that offers the paluto services....located just infront of D'Talipapa's Wet Market.
The Paluto Restaurants...^_^
Here some tourist trap tips:

This tip would be more helpful for foreign trippers, as much as possible if your travelling alone or in a group, it better to ask first some locals in the area before going to the market, so for that you would have an idea how much would it cost you, and not be quoted for a tourist price tag, instead you and your group will be quoted the local price.
Lakwatserong Tatay @ D' Talipapa
How to get to D' Talipapa:

From White Beach, you could just walk towards Station 2, near La Carmela, you will see a signage pointing D' Talipapa. Enter and walk thru the alley until you reach the souvenir shops and walk furthermore to reach the D' Talipapa's Wet Market and the Paluto Restaurants.

From Station 1 & Station 3, D' Talipapa is just a short tricycle ride, just tell the driver that you would like to be drop off to D' Talipapa.


Makati Condo Rental said...

Shopping na !!

lakwatserong tatay said...

@makati condo rental...hehehe...uu tara shopping my food trip pa...^_^

Anonymous said...

kuya, iba po yung YOUR sa YOU'RE (YOU ARE)... napansin ko lang po kasi puro YOUR ginagamit niyo na parang walang distinction yung dalawa at pwedeng gamitin interchangeably. salamat po :-)

lakwatserong tatay said...

@anonymous...cencia na po tao lang...pero thanks narin po sa pagtatama ng ginagamit kong salita...^_^


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