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Cagayan de Oro: Food Trips: Dinnertime at Plaza Divisoria

by lakwatserong tatay

It's our Day 4, and 2nd night in staying in Cagayan de Oro, For our accomodation, we choose again to stay in Victoria Suites. And our next spot to explore was just right besides our hostel Plaza Divisoria, the night market happenings....

Sad to say we wasn't able to explore much the city of Cagayan de Oro, because most of the time were in hurry to catch bus rides and were always on the go. We did not have the luxury of time to walk around and even visit the church of Cagayan de Oro which was also few meters away from our hostel....huhuhu...even see the monuments park of Plaza Divisoria namely as Ramon Magsaysay monument, Pueblo monument and Jose Rizal monument.

As per talking to our hostel guard, this park is actually popular for Cagayan de Oro locals because it serves as resting place for them, in morning few locals jogs and stroll on this park. There some local skaters uses the grounds of the park as their training ground. It also located in the center of town proper, you're just like walking on the busy streets of Manila, where Taxi's, Jeepney's, and  Motorela traverses. Locals, tourist and foreign travelers alike are walking to and from the streets. This park also serves as monuments to several filipino heroes.

But what makes this plaza unique is.....every friday's and saturday's, this plaza turns and transform as it fills with food stalls where locals and travelers alike us, fill themselves up with local delicasies. It has also weekend night market where there are differents items are for sale from brand new and up to ukay-ukay.

grilled street food choices....^_^
Because of curiosity, we tried to dine in and experience the nightlife in Plaza Divisoria. Actually if you have eaten in Banchetto and Merchato, it just like a resemblance of those two street dining experience. But what makes it differ to from two streetlife dining...most of the guest where call center agents, and price of the food where quite pricey due to some guests that where also dining on this areas, not like in Plaza Divisoria, you will just feel like your one of them. Purely local where present in the area, tourist and travelers alike where also present. All of items that you could find in a market is available from fruit stands, to different food stalls...basta iba siya....^_^
Me @ Nightlife and Street Dining Experience @ Plaza Divisoria
As we walk and choose were to eat from, two of my co-xplorer decided to have street massage on half of their body....while waiting for their order. We choose to dine in in front of the stage so for us to much the upcoming bands that will perform that night.

After our dinner, the performers had a break,so that's the time we had a quick stroll around each end of Plaza Divisoria. Sad to say, i wasn't able to take photos much because the battery of my camera was drained and i forget to charge it after our a day of adventure from Bukidnon and River rafting experience... huhuhuhuhu...sayang ganda pa naman ng gabi although umambon ng sandali pero buhay na buhay parin ang gabi sa Plaza Divisoria.

But thanks to my co-xplorers Reggie, Jayson and Melvin for sharing few of their photos below, because i wasn't able to charge the battery of my camera that night....they had very nice shots from fruit stands, one of the monument park, the street crowd in market area, the ukay-ukay portion, the streetlights that ws just looks like in Baywalk, Manila, and some dining area on Plaza Divisoria...^_^

Infact, being disappointed that time due to my camera, i manage to take two last shots for that night. First shot was while walking on the market area, together with my co-xplorers but as i browsed it, back from our hostel it was just like Melvin's solo photo opps in market area.....hehehehe...^_^

daya ni melvin siya lang meron photo opps dito....^_^
After few minutes of walk and strolling around the market area, we hurriedly back on the food stall that we have dine in, and actually we reserved the spot we had earlier...lakas namin kagad sa mayari...thanks ate & kuya..forgot to got their name...di bale meron pa naman next time eh....^_^. Here is my final and last shot for the night, one of the band that performs Visayan songs that time although i'm just the xplorerboyz who really understand more of their songs, my co-xplorers like the tune and the actual song even though they did not understand it lyrics....hehehehehe..sad to say i wasn't able to note the name of the band...^_^. We just had a few sets of drinks and few grilled pulutan's and then we called it a night, because we have to check out earlier again tomorrow for Iligan City trip and to see two of the majestic falls of Lanao del Norte.

And this is the end of our activities for Cagayan de Oro. Even though it was more that a food trip and did some adventurous activities, i promise to myself that if i ever had the chance again to visit this city of Cagayan de Oro, i'll be more focusing on this place. Tour the city and had the chance to walk and interact with the locals more......^_^. So watch out for more of our Northern Mindanao Escapades.....three more provinces to province...The Island of Camiguin.

This is part of our 6-Days Northern Mindanao Escapades. Visited and X-plored 4 Provinces: Misamis Oriental, Camiguin Island, Bukidnon and Lanao Del Norte. Our first stop is the Capital City of Misamis Oriental, that is known as the "City of Golden Friendship", Cagayan De Oro City.

Food Trips:
Hammer Time Bar & Grill Restaurant (Bar Hoppin)
Mindy's (Eat All You Can Buffet Lunch)
Plaza Divisoria's (Weekend Night Street Food Dining)

Victoria Suites

Our Trip to City of Golden Friendship
Cagayan de Oro River (River Rafting Experience)
En Route to Camiguin (RORO Boat Transfer)


Anonymous said...

sarap siguro kumain diyan...nakakainggit ang mga trips nyo!

mike said...

as i follow through your blog on your escapades around our place, i can't believe how much i missed out on these simple activities and usual places. u definitely saw the adventure of CDO that was always there. sad but true..but i have to recapture these feeling myself..

nikki said...

kainggit nga ang mga trips niyo. To think tatay ka pa....madami kang nalilibot...bilig ako sa'yo...hope more travels to come..

lakwatserong tatay said...

@anonymous...hindi naman po...btw..thanks for the visit...^_^

@mike...actually po medyo bitin pa ang naging stay ko sa CDO, but i'll definitely back at your province and explore more of its hidden beauty...^_^

@nikki...thanks po...^_^


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