Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Roomorama - A Weekend Staycation in Makati

A Late Celebration for Father's Day
by lakwatserong tatay

I've been thinking, for past few days how i will celebrate my day....FATHER's DAY.....there was so many suggestions but i come with again with one of my favorite activity....splurging trip....but now together with my whole family.....yahooooooo!!!!!

One of my major reason, i could choose from a weeklong vacation, out of town trips together with my family, but this time i wanted it to be unique....why not staying on a rental apartment. Aside being cheaper, we might able to cook our own dishes, and stay just like in your own house.

wide range of for rental apartment...
Roomorama is a one-stop shop for short-term rental apartments. An online market where you could connect and transact with host and guests. That providing nice, convinient and secure properties where you could stay all over the world. Just like as there banner says....Quality accomodations for the discerning traveler...

For me, Roomorama is easy to use, you could find suitable deals and list of accomodations, and has safe and easy of way of payments.

Thru Roomorama i received my payment code which i just say to the host and unit owner Rafael of BSA Tower. He confirmed it and assisted us all the way, a hassle free communication....^_^

BSA Tower lobby...
So let me share our rented place at BSA Tower:

We got a really big living room that all us could hangout......

A dining table for my family, a complete kitchen were we was able to cook some dishes that day.

My wife really loves the wall paintings in each place and rooms. Makes the place very calm and makes you want just to stay inside this place.....^_^

I was surprise with this complimentary use of high speed wifi as well as a desktop computer with broadband internet access, where my kids really enjoyed free online games...wow...this was a really homey feeling...^_^

They have 2 bedrooms, a master's bedroom and a double decker bed, with additional pull-up bed below, me and my wife, together with my youngest son stayed at the master's, while my 2 kids together with their tita/nanny stayed on the other room.....so want could you asked for.....^_^

They got also 3 bathrooms, that is complete with bathroom essentials, just feels like your in a hotel....^_^

All in all i could grade this as a 5 star hotel experience, we had really a great stay.....considering the size of this place (laki!!!!) and amenities of the apartment and of the hotel.....(sarap....^_^). Your stay would be a really a great value for your money, or at least it will exceed most of your expectations.

Here are some of our photo opps while staying on this place and having a happy weekend staycation together with my family.....^_^

Here are my 3 reasons why you should choose to stay on this place.

1. It has the Best Location, just right beside Greenbelt 5. A perfect place in the heart of Makati. Just walk away with different malls around from Greenbelt up to SM Makati. Where you will have a wide range of food choices from famous restaurants up to different foodchains.

2. It has the Safe Environment, you will not be afraid to walk at night (just like we did...^_^), one of the most considered safest place in our country. The building itself has a 24 hour security that you will rest assure to on a safe place.

3. The Friendly Host, Rafael, he was so accommodating, and has a super customer oriented...^_^. Infact we did not meet on our first day of stay but before we leave the place he insist to meet us and talk to us how was our stay. All of our concerns had immediate response. And as we departed, he just had a big smile and one last shake hands that he was sure that we had a great weekend staycation on their place and even invite us to stay on their new room on the exact building....that we will certainly go back and try that other one.....^_^

Btw, here's just click the link to go straight on this accomodation: 2 Bedroom in the Heart of Makati

A two thumbs up for you, Rafael
So next time you want to be away from your own home, but still feel the comfort that your staying at your own home....try and checkout the list of properties at Roomorama.

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Micamyx|Senyorita said...

Matagal ko nang iniiisip na gamitin Roomorama credits ko either sa The Fort area o sa Makati. Looks like you guys enjoyed your stay dyan talaga :D

Pinay Travel Junkie said...

You guys scored an awesome pad! Looks cozy :) Haven't used my credits too. Hopefully someday soon.

lakwatserong tatay said...

@micamyx...uu..actually mga kids ko yun tuwang tuwa sa place...pero panalo talaga yun stay namin, bukod sa mabait si rafael, andame pa pwede gawin...kasi lapit lang sa mga malls..^_^

lakwatserong tatay said...

@Gaye...yup...and my kids really had great fun...specially in the computer...^_^


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