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Camiguin: Accomodation: Pabua Cottages

by lakwatserong tatay

Prior to our Northern Mindanao, i had already made reservation for our stay on Pabua's Cottages and also got the services of Kuya Chris for Tour of Camiguin Island. As we reach the Benoni Port, Camiguin, we been greeted by one a child that Kuya Chris helper, he was the one meet us upon boarding out the RORO. But before we got out the port, of we did not missed to have an photo opportunity of Benoni Port Welcome signage....we may not know when we will have the chance again to go this "Island Born in Fire"... ^_^

Xplorerboyz @ Benoni Port, Camiguin...
Right after our meet and greet with Kuya Chris, together with his family, that were not aware Kuya Chris's wife and relatives where with us on RORO trip from Misamis Oriental....^_^.
our rented multicab...^_^
Here are some of the scenes that i've captured while going to Pabua Cottages....were we passed by seashores, Church of  Mambajao if im not mistaken and had to chance to got a close up shot of a motorela, one of the famous mode of transportation in Camiguin.

The motorela
Motorela - a tricycle-jeep hybrid public transportion in Camiguin

Kuya Chris just dropped her family on our way to Pabua Cottages, our trip from Benoni Port to Pabua Cottages lasted for almost 45 mins. By the time we arrived in Pabua, Kuya Puloy was still in Cagayan de Oro, one of the caretaker said that maybe by next day, we will had the chance to meet Kuya Puloy. So to make the story short...we just leave our big bagpacks on our room, and the tour started.

So moving forward, we had our 1st day of tour done in Camiguin and already shared of all the details, stories and information about the places we've been. Now let's go to our room accomodation.

room # 2
Kuya Puloy offered to us, Room # 2, which has two queen sized beds and one single bed, can hold up to six occupants. Our rented room includes towels and beddings. Our room is equipped with cable TV, A/C room and we had our own private toilet and bath facilities. We had also our own porch and dining area. And one of the most remarkable free is Wi-Fi access...^_^. For only php1000...not bad...^_^

Staying at Pabua Cottages makes a homey feeling, just placed in a compound. It is really best for trippers like us that are looking for lodging that has pleasant amenities and offers reasonable room rates. Located to drop off point when your group wants to go to White Island, like what we post ko na un...and one of the popular restaurant.."Italian Bistro Luna Ristorante..sad to say di namin natry toh..^_^. just infront of this lodging house is one of the famous resort in Camiguin which is Paras Beach Resort. Just right beside also in this lodging is Paguia's Cottages, that i just found out a relative of Kuya Puloy Pabua...^_^

Pabua's Cottages offers: 9 Bungalow type cottages with different sizes, all are equipped with Cable TV's, A/C rooms and owns a Private Toilet and Bathroom. Each cottages has its own outdoor porch and dining area. Wi-FI access is available on the compound for FREE!!!!..Except for Room #7 that has its own kitchen, refrigerator, cooking equipments and utensils.

Room 1: 3 double beds (can accomodate from 6 to 10 pax)
Room 2: 2 queen size beds and 1 single bed (can hold up to 6 pax)
Room 3: 1 queen size bed (good for 2 pax)
Room 4 & 9: 2 double beds (good for 4 pax)
Room 5 & 6 & 8: 3 double beds per room (can hold up from 6 to 8 persons)
Room 7: A cottage with 2 rooms ( can hold up to 8 - 12 persons wit h2 double beds per room)

For more information just look at their page on Facebook : Pabua's Cottages
Owner: Mr. Puloy Pabua
Address: Brgy. Yumbing, Mambajao, Camiguin
Contact number: 09064152557
Paguia's Cottages...
How to get in here:
From Benoni Port, traveler's alike can hire a  multicab, or may take a public van to Municipal Capital of Mambajao, take motorela to Brgy. Yumbing, trip would last for almost 45 mins.

For multicab day tour which include pick from/to Benoni Port, here is the contact number of  Kuya Chris: 09215637788, 09069272420,  or you may add him at FB (Camiguin Kuya Criz Tour) we got it for ourselves 2 day tour (php2500).

Kuya Puloy & Me, just infront of their house...^_^
Together with Kuya Chris...^_^
I've already stayed in Pabua's Cottages...^_^
Next stop...our 2nd day at Camiguin....Island Hopping in Camiguin is More Fun in the Philippines...^_^

This is part of our 6-Days Northern Mindanao Escapades. Visited and X-plored 4 Provinces: Misamis Oriental, Camiguin Island, Bukidnon and Lanao Del Norte. Our second stop is Camiguin Island , that is known as the "Island Born of Fire", the 2nd province of Northern Mindanao.

Food Trips:
Food finds: Camiguin's Unique Dessert : Kiping
Food finds: Vjandep Bakeshop : Camiguin's Famous Pastel

Pabua Cottages

Tours & Activities:
Having Fun at Sto. Niño Cold Spring Resort
Bura Soda Pool Resort
Walk to the Old Church Ruins
Trek to Walkway to the Old Volcano and Station of the Cross
Sunken Cemetery
Relaxation at Ardent Hot Spring Resort
A Glance with Katibawasan Falls
Camiguin's Ostrich Farm
Snorkeling at Giant Clams Sanctuary
Glimpse of Tanguines Lagoon

Island Hopping:
White Island
Mantigue Island


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