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Camiguin: Catarman's Old Church Ruins (Gui-ob Church)

by lakwatserong tatay

The devastating volcanic eruption in 1871 wiped out the Spanish settlement of Catarman that was established 1697. The remains of an Old Spanish church, ruins of adobe walls, belfry and convent are mute witness to the wrath of nature. It also allows us a glimpse of the past culture of Spanish-era in Camiguin.

Welcome to Gui-ob Church
Gui-ob Church Marker
The Old Church ruins is one of the oldest and unique structures in Camiguin. Located in Brgy. Bonbon, Catarman. Oldest because of it's 16th century structure ruins and has unique features that is made of coral stones. That later turned into ruins because of the 1871 Mt. Vulcan eruption. And now known as the Old Church Ruins of Gui-ob Church.

A small chapel inside Gui-ob Church walls...
As we enter the church ruins compound, the first structure you will see aside the adobe wall ruins is a small chapel, where masses held every week on a specific time.

inside the chapel
But upon seeing the chapel, it needed some help, maybe the government could have fix it up. As you can see it has dilapilated paintings, there where no ceiling and even the wall of the chapel, hollow blocks structure is present, i don't know if this structure should be on this way or it is still not finish?

maybe this is one of church's entrance
But in contrary, the feeling being solemnly inside this adobe wall ruins was really great experience, maybe it is better to go in here in before getting dark...as you will feel you're like doing ghost hunting...^_^

the church walls...
After passing by from the small chapel and we walks toward the exit as shown above. The next structure will greet you is the old convents ruins and with unsightly modern white lighthouse erected close to the convent ruins.

old convent ruins
The modern white lighthouse that is just right behind the bushes of old convent...i just have one thing on my mind why in such historic and solemn place like this, the government place a modern lighthouse....hmmm!

the modern white lighthouse
Added to that just infront of the old convent and just the side on church wall ruins is the Old bell tower ruins that is been part of Camiguin island's history and as you will approached it. It has really a thick structure that is also made of coral stones....galing at astig..we're really thankfull to see such old church ruins like this now adays..i remember from our previous escapades from Sorsogon we're we so also seen ruins like this infront of Barcelona Church, but sad to say the government wasn't able to protect it or maybe preserve it...:(

Gui-ob church bell tower ruins
We just had a perfect timing to be on this place, because we just relax and take some souvenir photos. As the lush greenery sites and breezy air feeling is just right inside the compound. Although a bit creepy feeling. Seeing the tall trees that surrounds the old churchs walls is such indication that placed is well treated and maintained. Aside from my comment in the small chapel..^_^

one of our group photo opps...^_^
As my co-xplorers roaming around too and taking souvenir photos like what i do. I had fun with taking photos in the Old convent. Infact i manage to get inside on it's few rooms maybe. I just took many photos as i can because it kinda weird when your inside....^_^. Here are some of my chosen photos...first one is the thick and old post of the old convent wall covered with green wild grass or plants...^_^

Here are some of my photos outside and inside of the Old Convent ruins...in black and white...so what you think, does looks like creepy...^_^

Aside from the spanish old structure ruins, there's also one tree that stands in all of the trees inside this compound. A very huge tree that is said to be more than a century old. I maybe familiar with different trees and seen different huge trees while trekking into different mountains but on this one, it was really big and of course you to pay respect and take care of this tree for this one is one memorabilia of the past.

A one very BIG TREE
But aside being historical tree, it is also nice place to used as photo opps souvenir of yourself and by your group, like what we did....^_^

x-plorerboyz @ century old
my solo in huge tree...^_^
The Old Church Ruins is just 10 to 15 minutes away from Camiguin's Walkway to the Old Volcano & Station of the Cross and Sunken Cemetery Tourist spots, which was also affected by the 1871 eruption. This spots is usually part of Camiguin Tour Packages....so you wont missed the chance to see this historical site.

lakwatserong tatay x-plored Gui-ob Old Church Ruins
Now i'm done with Old Church Ruins...next stop for our Camiguin Tour is one of the sacred place in Camiguin..."The Sunken Cemetery"...^_^

This is part of our 6-Days Northern Mindanao Escapades. Visited and X-plored 4 Provinces: Misamis Oriental, Camiguin Island, Bukidnon and Lanao Del Norte. Our second stop is Camiguin Island , that is known as the "Island Born of Fire", the 2nd province of Northern Mindanao.

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Tours & Activities:
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Bura Soda Pool Resort
Walk to the Old Church Ruins
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