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It's Time to Say Goodbye For Now.....Northern Mindanao....

Promise!....I shall return....^_^
by lakwatserong tatay

As Douglas MacArthur, famous line....."I Shall Return", that was our pledge that time too....We have to go back and visit all what we missed, other tourist spots and the Province of Misamis Occidental. As i'm done with sharing all of the behind scenes and stories on each of our adventures on this provinces. Reminds me that i'm one of the luckiest person to set foot on this provinces. The experiences of different adventures is such truly rewarding and will be forever treasured to my mind and also into this blog. Bukidnon, Camiguin, Misamis Oriental and Lanao Del Norte of Northern Mindanao gives us so we could ever say Thank You !!! Even though this would be the last of my Northern Mindanao Series.....surely we will have another journey to may not be this year....but it will be surely coming soon.....^_^

It's time to go back to reality....our real world, back to our families, friends and mode again!!!
So this will be Goodbye's.....but wait let me share for one last time...Lumbia Airport of Cagayan De Oro, what is i used to share always when i have this backpacking adventures. All of us were first timers on this airport. So what could i say.....its just a typical airport with normal facilities. Four airlines usually flies on this airport...Philippin Airlines, Zest Air, Cebu Pacific and of course...our fleet AirPhil Express....^_^

check in stations....

So after doing check in procedures, we proceed straight to waiting area....we all of the passengers waiting on their designated flights. We arrived quite early on our time, so we had the place like our opps here, there and everywhere.....photomode fanatics that time...^_^

As the passengers arrived, all of us notice one person who got also on the waiting you all know, all of us loves Basketball...and given the chance to have photo opps with any known players is such a memorable experience. So what happen, we've seen Rodney of the Alaska Team superstar known as the slasher...all of us had group shots and of course solo shot together with him....^_^

X-plorerboyz with Rodney Santos

X-plorerboyz @ Lumbia Airport
So after waiting for an hour, our plane arrived and few minutes the boarding procedures started....once again thanks to AirPhil Express, in giving us such a wonderful and pleasant ride....(di po sponsorship toh!..^_^)

Upon entering, and got into our activity is photo opps parin....adik lang po talaga sa souvenir after few minutes...our plane got up...up...up and away....^_^

X-plorerboyz: Johari (newbie daddy) & Jayson ('d eagle)

its me....Lakwatserong Tatay

X-plorerboyz: Melvin ('d tulis) & Regie (Inaki's)
One last look......goodbye Cagayan De Oro Airport....promise.....we shall return....^_^

Wow, at last i'm done with sharing all of the stories on our Northern Mindanao Adventures, a 6 Days of Full Backpacking Trips, had different activities, and fun full memories....Hope you love it and share my links to anyone you know, that wants to experience Northern Mindanao on its finest........^_^

One last thing.....i will include on this saga....Travel Guide : Northern Mindanao Adventure

Next on my bucket of backlog list is 3 Waterfalls, 2 Churches, and 1 Mountain in a 1 Day....^_^

This story is part of: X-ploreboyz Goes to Northern Mindanao

I'm done with Northern Mindanao...san naman ang next?

This is part of our 6-Days Northern Mindanao Escapades. Visited and X-plored 4 Provinces: Misamis Oriental, Camiguin Island, Bukidnon and Lanao Del Norte. Our fourth stop is Iligan City, Lanao Del Norte, that is known as the "City of Majestic Waterfalls", the 4th province of Northern Mindanao.

Tours & Activities:
Iligan City Church: St. Michael's Cathedral
NPC Nature's Park
Maria Cristina Powerplant
Lumbia Airport: It's Time to Say Goodbye for Now.....Mindanao..

Chasing Waterfalls:
Enchanted with Maria Cristina Falls
A Hidden Treasure: Tinago Falls

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