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Reminiscin....Mt. Makiling

by lakwatserong tatay

This is one of my past climbs that i really wanted to share...even though  my draft post as of now is almost a year nah...^_^. I just want to share all of past trekking experiences and let me start with this one......^_^. Here's one of my climbs together with my outdoor group...SPIMC..A tree planting activity inside UP Los Baños grounds. One memorable climb because of the "limatiks". Sidetrip to "mud spring of Mt. Makiling, and a two days of outdoor activity together with other outdoor groups and 100 plus outdoor enthusiast that is headed by Bahaghari Outdoor Group and White Mountains, in part with UPLB College of Forestry.

Prior to this 11th Makiling Tree Planting Activity, the rain from that past few days where kinda notorious and nonstop. Most of us were hesitant to join the event due to the situation, specially on our group most of the participants that time were girls and some is our big bosses...^_^. But the organizers are eager to continue the event and already scaled the difficulties we could the 8th day of August, our group commenced to UP Los Baños for the said activity.

I packed my bag, tent and necessary things needed for the said event and headed to our office and ride our shuttle service to UPLB grounds which is the foot of Mt. Makiling. As a first timer on this mountain, i felt the excitement that time, my main goal is to summit it, to see the famous limatiks and the mud spring of this mountain, that is said to be a dangerous area...

1st day, the assembly, in one of the building inside UPLB and few meters is the start of the trek to Mt. Makiling. The program commenced and its introductory part, where the organizers, representative from DENR, Dean and Professor of College of Forestry UPLB and some staffs that will assist us on tree planting activity.

the organizers...

Few of the SPIMC group...

me @ the assembly....^_^

Of course, in every tree planting activity, there's always a presentation on how to prepare, plant and to do it proper way, that tree will be sure to grow and be part of the nature.

some of us with UPLB organizers...
But before we start to get into full of muds.....we treks first up hill and up to college of forestry which is located inside Makiling Rainforest Park. Where we will used its grounds to stay at night, having the usual activities such as getting to know each other...(gaano kaya katagal matapos yun sa dami namin nun...^_^), socials and games with prices activities by the organizers.

So as we arrived in the grounds of College of Forestry, all of the groups scattered around and placed their respective tents. Prepare some things for the tree planting activity in the placed named as "Saimsim tree planting site".

trek again....^_^
As we start to enter the forest and few meters to tree planting site. The trail was full of mud, where we sank our shoes and some where already barefooted trekking including me....^_^ into the wet grounds of the path of the Saimsim tree planting site. On our way we saw some trees that was planted years back. Some were already big while some are just feet tall. We planted as many as we can, scattered to the whole site and went straight to the campsite after.

my barefooted mud trek...

done and already tired...^_^
The night arrives, not all of the participants joined the tree planting activity, as for our group there was also joiners that choose to stay at the campsite and prepare the dinner for sweet...^_^. It was fast and the place got darker as the time passed by.....most of the groups were done with their dinners, and after few moments a get together again was formed, few conversations and some games where conducted and of course there prices for each games, all of the items given were for mountaineering equipments and the major price that night was a daypack coming from conquer outdoor shop....(sayang wala ako napanalunan nun...)

2nd day and the last day, our group decided to do two activities, to summit and reach Peak 2, encounter the famous limatiks, and right after proceed to Mud Spring. However some of us contended to see the mud spring of Mt. Makiling. At first i was undecided, because of lack in sleep and a bit drunk that time, i joined some of the mountaineers going to mud spring, called to be Mt. Makiling's crater.

Based from some information, this Mud Springs is erroneously known as the crater of Mt. Makiling. But where all wrong, this site is used to be one of the mud pots left in the mountain. A type of hot spring that is formed when due to volcanic heat, sulfuric acid breaks down to its surrounding rocks into clay. The clay mixes with water to form mud that is very hot (approximately 80°C) and with sulfuric acid, which may vary on its consistency and color of the mud clay.

This boiling pots of mud produces very strong and distinctive sulfuric smells (warning to those person who have asthma or other respiratory diseases). Thick smokes also coming out from its sulfuric vents. Getting close to these boiling muds can burn your skin. Camping near this area is highly prohibited and the area is a danger zone. Always follow the instruction, do not go beyond on its fence area. For us travelers/mountaineers alike, just be content in gazing on its mystical scenery and don't forget to have photo opps...^_^

DANGER ZONE !!!!!!!!!!!!!

a water stream before to mud spring...

group photo opps...^_^

Right after our visit to Mt. Makiling;s mud spring, i've decided to go up to Peak 2, but only few responded, because there were a bit tired and some just want to have rest and prepare to break camp early. So were just down to 4 persons who braved to follow the others, luckily we conquered it and reach the Peak 2, and even faced the famous limatiks, that's the first time i've bitten by a blood seeker limatik, as far as i remember, i got it thrice...^_^. The SADDEST part was i was the only person who got camera on our group that time and my digicam got drained while were up to reach Peak 2....huhuhuhuhuhu...wala man lang ako souvenir pics pataas and sa Peak 2.....So i said to my self i will go back and had a revenge photo opps on this mountain...hopefully a MAKTRAV or even this Los Baños who ever read this post of mine , if you have a climb on this mountain, i would be great, if you will include me in your list of invitees...^_^.

So, i would end this outdoor trip, with a bang!!!!. With all of those muds, the stroooooong winds that we encounter that afternoon while pitching our tents, the broken tents, the notorious limatiks, the prizes won, the happy trees that were now been planted, those memories will be keep forever, and the new friendships we found, added and formed. Hopefully, i could joined the upcoming events for Makiling Tree Planting !!!!

Lakwatserong Tatay @ Makiling Forest Park Grounds....^_^

How to Get There:

By Commute: Ride a bus coming from Buendia or Cubao going to Sta. Cruz, Laguna. Likewise if your coming from Alabang, ride a bus going to Calamba, and then ride a jeepney going to Los Baños. Get off to Los Baños Crossing, walk towards to "El Danda St." (beside Robinson's Mall), take another jeepney ride to UPLB Forestry. If you have big group, it is better to rent a jeepney from El Danda that will take your group straight to UPLB Forestry all the way to the jump off of Flat Rocks and Mud Springs.

By Private Vehicle: If your coming from Manila, drive through SLEX, take the Calamba exit. Go to UP Los Baños College of Forestry and find the Makiling Rainforest Park.

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