Monday, November 25, 2013

A Quickie Hike to Mt. Batulao

by lakwatserong tatay

After our halfday activity at Amansinaya Mountain Resort plus Trekking to Ambon-Ambon Waterfalls. We decided to have additional trekking activity that day.....^_^.
Since were driving along Nasugbu road, after having lunch in one of the carinderia's we decided to have a quickie dayhike at Mt. Batulao via New Trail v.v.....^_^.

Mt. Batulao at far....^_^
The sun that time was as it best.....grrrr....sobra init...i think it was almost 2pm in the afternoon....^_^

my 1st photo opps...^_^
The 1st time i've been here was wayback 2004 and then after 9 years, it was totally different, of course were using the new trail. So, i promise to myself that i'll be back here to try the Batulao Traverse and do back reminiscing, as far as i remember the trail that we our using that time maybe is the old trail....^_^. However on this trek of ours we decided to choose the new trail that looks jagged teeth if your afar starting climbing Mt. Batulao.

1st Peak of New Trail...
One thing that i love with this new trail of Mt. Batulao is there so many kubo's that has refreshments...^_^ A wide range of beverages...from Softdrink, Halo-halo and Buko juice...^_^

co-xplorers...johari & carlo @ one of the kubo's
We had so much fun with taking photo opps in every peaks and surroundings because all of my cotrippers are 1st timer with Mt. Batulao...not noticing the time and weather condition that time...change to darker clouds and in few minutes...rain drops...however luckily is does not take long....^_^.

carlo, coy & melvin @ peak 3

Mt. Batulao New Trail....

Melvin @ Peak 5
One significant thing with Mt. Batulao trail, it also famous for trail bikers...that lucky for us group that time. We encountered some mountain bike bikers....were so envy with them because we wanted all to try that, but sadly not all of us have trail bikes..

kainggit kayo mga mam & sir...^_^

me @ peak 6
Were just like kids running in an upward and downward slopes....not noticing the danger within because left or right of the trail is mostly cliffs that cause severe scenarios...^_^

johari & melvin advances...

coy @ peak 7
As far as i remember when we reach the Peak 8 there's another registration fee which is about php 20, given us warning that do not go up because of the tragic incident that happen few months ago...that was maybe the lady mountaineer from rizal, if im not mistaken....

i just hope when we return this kubo house already fix...^_^
Were really getting near as we reach peak 11, along the way one of my co-tripper...coy, did not join us up to summit due to leg cramps....he just decided to go back up to peak 8 to have a very well rest, while 4 of us, johari, carlo, melvin and i, push thru to our goal to reach it summit...^_^

carlo & johari @ peak 11

were getting near....^_^

Backtrail of Mt. Batulao from summit
In few minutes we've reach the summit, there are some hikers still having their photo opps session, likewise with us, we've just rest for a while and then next was photo opps too........^_^

X-plorerboyz @ Mt. Batulao Summit

Lakwatserong Tatay @ Mt. Batulao Summit
So after staying at summit for almost 30 minutes, we trek down as fast as we can to reach one of the 1st kubo's to have power refreshment of halo-halo...^_^

@ rest mode....^_^

kawawa naman c doggie...mukhang napagtripan pah..

my photo opps with ate...thanks po sa masarap na halohalo!
We finish the trek for almost 4hrs including all of the rest, photo opps and halo-halo breaks....It was quite tiring halfday trek...due to time constraint, we wanted to reach the jump off before the sunset....And were really happy to made back just in time....^_^

one last shot...Mt. Batulao...
I promise to myself that hopefully before the year ends, we will go back to this mountain and even include other mountains in Nasugbu...or maybe try the famous mountain routes...called as Nasugbu Trilogy....which compose of Mt. Palay-palay (pico de loro) Traverse, Mt. Talamitam and Mt. Batulao Traverse....o diba malupit na year ender climb toh....^_^

Next stop... Mt. Ugo Traverse (Kayapa, Nueva Viscaya to Itogon, Benguet)...^_^


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Nice meeting you sa Batulao! :)

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