Thursday, November 21, 2013

Ambon-ambon Waterfalls

by lakwatserong tatay

So after reaching Amansinaya Mountain Resort, we're on excited mode already seeing the falls from their infinity pool at Patio Filipino. After we coordinated our voucher, the attendant tells us what we would want to do first since their is an early schedule of trekking to falls, we grabbed it and hurriedly changed to swimming/trekking attire....^_^

A shuttle service brought us to the jump off and meet their our guide. I'm not sure if is it a local or one of their staffs, but one thing i'm very sure of, it is not allowed to go to the waterfalls if you have no permission of the resort. The place is a privately owned by Las Hasciendas Estates.

trek starts here...
According to our guide, the trek will took about 30-45 minutes, it depends to your group. Luckily for our group that time we just have only one girl which is a couple and we 5 xplorers...^_^

tree less trek....
We cross one steel bridge....of course we did not miss to have photo opps....^_^.

We've cross several streams, passed some houses of the locals....below is one of the modern nipa houses along the trail to Ambon-Ambon Falls.

When you reach this part of the trail, you will already hear the rush of the waters and closely getting near to it. However it took us quite awhile in this part because we just love the place and took some photo opps session there....^_^

we have some photo opps with this sun ray
After walking for almost 30 minutes we had the glance of the upper part of Ambon-Ambon Waterfalls afar.

Ambon-Ambon Falls...
And then.....we've reached the place. It has a quite big campsite area, where you could choose to stay overnight. I think 7-8 tents could fit and there also small parts where 1-2 tents can be set. However upon seeing the falls, the upper part of the falls is maybe unreachable because of the huge boulders. Maybe with proper rappelling gears it will reachable or with help of the local guides, maybe there's a trail where you could go to the upper part....^_^
Two layered Ambon-Ambon Falls
So we stayed for almost an hour, swim and have some photo opps session with the falls and boulders.

the x-plorerboyz....^_^ thanks caloy!!!

this rock look like a face? am i right?

So after having fun...we bid goodbye to the place....and have our few last photo opps...of course a group shot and souvenir shot of mine would not be missed out......^_^
xplorerboyz with the lovely couple...^_^

lakwatserong tatay @ Ambon-Ambon Falls
After our trek adventures we proceed to their Pugadlawin Adventure Camp, that i have previously posted and after lunchtime we hurriedly go to Nasugbu, Batangas for our next trekking adventure....Mt. Batulao v.v. New Trail). 

Some Tips & Trivia: 

Ambon-ambon Waterfalls is located within Las Haciendas, Laurel Batangas. A two-teared cascading waterfalls with roughly 60 mtrs high. If you will visit this place, take a time to visit another waterfalls names as "Malagasgas Falls" and another attraction is Simbahang Bato - a chapel built in a shallow cave which locals been using as a place to worship. After being to this places, it is better to tied it up with an another trek to Taal Volcano which relatively near the area. And lastly, did you know that, there are two more waterfalls named as "Ambon-Ambon Falls". Luckily i've visited the other one which is in Panguil River Eco Park, at Panguil Laguna and the other one is can be seen in Bagac, Bataan, which i'm hoping i could visit in the future.

Next stop: A Quickie ascend and descend via New Trail of Mt. Batulao.

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Manong Unyol said...

ang ganda ng falls parang trip ko din magfalls nitong buwan.. sir napuntahan mo na ba ang buntot palos? kung hindi pa tara :)


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