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2013: A Retrospect of Lakwatserong Tatay's Adventures

by lakwatserong tatay

Once again....my 2013 ended with a blast. Visited several provinces and towns. Getting in touch again with nature. Tried several mountains together with X-plorerboyz. However, it is obvious i wasn't able to update my site a lot. However i was able to travel enough all throughout the year...^_^. I'm hoping this year i will be able again to update my site....(sana lang po....^_^). So let's me start the journey of my 2013.....

January: We had a day tour of adventure in Amansiyana Mountain Resort and Pugad Lawin Adventure Camp. We just enjoyed their infinity pool and the activities we had at Pugad Lawin Camp, like mudslide, zipline and rock climbing...^_^

Xplorerboyz @ Amansinaya Mountain Resort
Within our day tour adventure in Amansinaya, we had the chance to explore Ambon-ambon falls of Laurel, Batangas which was included on our activity that day...^_^

Lakwatserong Tatay @ Ambon-ambon Falls
Right after our Amansinaya Adventure, we followed it with a trekking sidetrip and found ourselves in Nasugbu, Batangas to do a quickie dayhike to Mt. Batulao via new trail....^_^

Lakwatserong Tatay @ Batulao summit....
February: Our group were invited to different kind of birthday celebration. My 2nd time around on this mountain, traversing from Kayapa, Nueva Viscaya to Itogon, Benguet. One of my most memorable climb for 2013. As a promise to myself, i will not set again my foot on this mountain because i'm getting bigger and it is not as easy as wayback 2008 when i had the chance to do my 1st traverse in Mt. Ugo...^_^

My 2nd time on Mt. Ugo summit....^_^
March: Summertime is fast approaching and once again i find myself in Biñan, Laguna together with my wife's teammates, my wife and my two angels (gayle & gab). Where we had a day tour of fun at Splash Island Resort.

Me with my two angels (Gayle & Gab)
March: Due to envy to our co-xplorerboyz. Me with Joel decided to do a quickie dayhike at Pililia, Rizal in Mt. Sembrano and had a sidetrip at Manggahan falls.

Lakwatserong Tatay's in adventure mode....^_^
April: Another dayhike activity plus historic sidetrip in Angono's Petroglyph site. Located near Thunderbird Resort in Angono, Rizal.

Xplorerboyz @ Angono Petroglyph's site....
Right after seeing the historic site, we proceed to our destination in Brgy. Janosa, Talim Island, Binangonan, Rizal to hike Mt. Tagapo aka Mt. Susong Dalaga.

Lakwatserong Tatay near the summit...^_^ 
April: Were getting near to transfer on our house at Angono, Rizal. While going there me and my wife decided to take a tour inside Nemiranda's Art House. This place has a galleries of paintings, different higantes festival crafts and also a restaurant just like the Balaw-Balaw Restaurant that is just one block away.

Me @ Nemiranda's Art House facade....^_^
April: Every year on my wife's family, we have a yearly summer vacation. This year we visited the province of Laguna. We started our journey by passing by the town of San Pablo and visit San Pablo Church in getting guidance to our journey to Nagcarlan.

my three adorable angels....
Right after paying a visit in San Pablo Church's, we proceeded to Nagcarlan and look for Villa Gregoria Terrace Resort in Nagcarlan, Laguna that is recommended by my sister-in-law's bf...^_^

me with gab & gayle @ Villa Gregoria
May: The heat of the sun is really on fire. Thank's again to my wife and officemates. Where off to another journey and beacheneering trip in Cagbalete Island in Mauban, Quezon Province.

me, my wife & gab
May: One thing i love in our company is having team building activities where we could choose to have it by food tripping or something like this. One day of full adventure. Our POD chooses to stay in Bakasyunan Resort in Tanay, Rizal.

Me @ Bakasyunan Resort in Tanay, Rizal
August: Two months without any activity makes excited with this another journey. We visited another two towns of Laguna. Our first stop is Mt. Ping-as in Pakil, Laguna of course together with Xplorerboyz.

Xplorerboyz @ Mt. Ping-as Summit....
Right after that quickie hike, our next stop is to seek adventure in Ambon-ambon falls of Panguil, Laguna. Located inside Panguil EcoPark.

Xplorerboyz @ Ambon-ambon falls...
September: One of my most awaited and anticipated trip in 2013. My travel project to visit 7 Provinces in 6 Days. Of course with a limited budget......^_^. 1st stop is Iloilo, where we visited several towns of Iloilo city, Jaro and Miagao.

lakwatserong tatay @ Iloilo
2nd stop: Province of Antique. Visited the towns of San Jose and had a full adventure in Tibiao.

Lakwatserong Tatay's in Antique
3rd stop: The famous place in the Province of Aklan. My 2nd visit in Boracay Island.

Me, Caloy and Eric @ Boracay....
4th stop: Overnight staying in Capiz. Visited the famous church that has the Biggest Church Bell in Asia. Known as the Sta. Monica Parish in Panay, Capiz.

Xplrerboyz @ Sta. Monica Parish, Panay, Capiz
Right after visiting the town of Panay. It's time to visit the city proper. We strolled around the city center of Capiz, known as Roxas City and had our dinner at the famous Baybay Beach Seaside Restaurant's  that is known in Roxas City, Capiz.

Lakwatserong Tatay @ Roxas City, Capiz
5th stop: After travelling from Capiz, we proceeded our journey to the Province of Guimaras, known to be the Mango Capital of the Philippines. We had one day of full packed adventures in visiting the towns of Jordan and Nueva Valencia. We did a day hike to  Mt. Balaan Bukid, staying for a while in Ambakan Falls, have several stopovers in Smallest Plaza, Guimaras Provincial Capitol and Pasalubong Center and Trappist Monastery, visit the Guisi Lighthouse and its beach, and stayed overnight in Raymen Beach Resort.

Xlorerboyz @ Guimaras
6th stop: After spending a day in Guimaras. Next stop for our 6th province in the list. We stop again for a day of adventure in towns of Bacolod City and Murcia, Negros Occidental.We strolled around in Bacolod City. Eat, Dine and Buy out in Manukan Country, and Bongbongs. Several stopovers in Bacolod's Church and Bacolod Provincial Capitol and had a halfday tour in Mambukal Resort and trek the 7 Waterfalls of Mambukal and dip for a while on their Ishiwata Bath House.

Lakwatserong Tatay @ Negros Occidental
7th and last stop: The last province on our list, we set our foots in Dumaguete City, Negros Oriental. We opted not to pursue our Siquijor trip and just spent our whole day in Dumaguete, stroll around and visited several spots in Dumaguete. Just like the famous school known as Silliman University. Next was Dumaguete's Church and tried one of the restaurants near Silliman University, strolled around in Robinson's Dumaguete and of course we did not forget to buy Sans Rival.

***thanks to Carlo for all of the photos for our 7P6D projects***

Lakwatserong Tatay loves Dumaguete, Negros Oriental
October: Our 2nd to the last mountain trekked for 2013. Mt. Balagbag plus Otso-otso Falls in Rodriguez, Rizal.

Xplorerboyz @ Mt. Balagbag plus Otso-otso falls
November: My last trek and activity of the year together lakwatserong tatay's Jhovan, JP. A duohike in a day. After setting our itinerary, were off and found ourselves in Nasugbu, Batangas again. 1st mountain stop is Mt. Talamitam. Meet again few of my mountaineering friends, Migz & Agot of Yabag Mountaineering and the rest of the group....^_^

Lakwatserong Tatay's Duohike: 1st stop: Mt. Talamitam
2nd mountain stop is one of the famous mountain in Nasugbu known as Mt. Batulao (old to new trail). My 2nd visit in 2013, however by this time, we did a traverse trail. Two of most surprising thing while were traversing this mountain, is we meet two of the coolest family with their sibling. First was Baby Maktrav that we had the chance to have photo opps (see photo below) and the other one is not quite amusing because he was just 2 months old baby (hindi ko gagawin toh kung ako ng tatay nun!!! hindi rin namin nagawang magpaphoto opps kasi medyo nastress kame sa tatay nun bata na proud na proud pa..how wish the baby could stand the wind that time...and hope the baby will be fine...^_^)

2nd stop with JP, Jhovan @ Mt. Batulao
So that's it, i had again a full blast of adventures in 2013. All in all i've set my foot in different towns and provinces again in our country. Most of them are first time and some of them where i've revisited. Seen different historical churches, galleries and museum, trek some of our mountains, tried to swim on different waterfalls and of course tried to do local interactions with the different provinces i've visited.

So once again.....thanks 2013!!!! hello 2014....Hope to have more DIY travels, tipid trips like i always do. More mountains to conquer even if im not as like before....(huhuhuhu). Again like i always do....   I grab this opportunity to thanks all of my travel companions. It was such an honor to travel with you guys...you know who you are....i just hope and whising to travel to you again and again. More trips with my fellow lakwatserong tatay's and of course my so called group, known as XPLORERBOYZ....Jhovan, Joel, Carlo, Melvin, Coy, Shanwar and Ekoy.

My wish for this year, is to meet and join a sponsored trip activities together with famous travel blogger (hoping that would be free and could happen this year....). Have more sponsored post where i could earn some and get some freebies...^_^

So that's it!!! I would end this post of mine..... by saying we will not stop exploring our country and hoping this year, "2014" we will have another year of "NONSTOP GALAAN"....travel escapades from North to South....Meet and Greet different person. Have more fun and memorable pictures. Hoping that i could bumped in your travel escapades.

And the most important thing and wish that i have this year is... to my hon...nay...hope you would still allow me to continue and do all of this activities and travel journey's.....^_^.

Thanks hon...!!! This travel stories is all for you and for our kids (gian, gayle, gab & gio)....^_^

Cheers and more travels to you all this 2014!!!!!!!!


Blogger said...

sir pupunta kami ng ambon ambon falls ng pangil laguna any tips sir? ano eexpect namin sa lugar hehehe

lakwatserong tatay said...

hi sir...

happy new year...

expectation sa ambon-ambon falls mas pipiliin ko siguro pumunta dun kung medyo umuulan kasi nun ngpunta kami medyo paulan ulan nun kaya maganda current ng tubig tapos meron several streams dun na kelangan ng raft pero kung marunong naman kayo lumangoy pwede nah..^_^. Tapos sama nyo narin un Mt. Ping-as or mas maganda unahin nyo nah..^_^

Blogger said...

Mt. Pinag-as first time ko narinig yan, salamat nagkaroon tuloy ako idea, actually falls hopping lang kami buntot palos and ambon ambon falls kc may mga baguhan na sasama sa paghihike.. maraming salamt sir ilalagay ko yan sked ko Mt. Ping-as may article ka ba dun sir magkaroon ng idea.


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