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Day 1: The start of our 5 Days Backpack Adventures

Part1: A Rainy Day Departure
by lakwatserong tatay

This is the 1st time that my so called group of "xplorerboyz" will be complete, it's been a long time since i'll did to travel far. I remember upon booking this activity way back April of this year, once again thanks to Cebu Pacific's promos...hehehehe....we were all excited, because we're all new to this placed even though one of the xplorerboyz "johari originated in Sorsogon one of our destination...The "Tour de Sorsogon"...hehehehe...He said that, this is the 1st time he will do this adventure...a 5 days of adventure....within the Province of Legazpi & Sorsogon, getting around to some of the tourist spots, and using our "Trike Mobile"...hehehe...So enough for the story...lets proceed.....
At last, after months and days of waiting, the time has come, to begin our 5 days of backpack adventures. It was thursday, our flight to Legazpi, Albay scheduled (1235 pm / Sept. 2, 2010 via Cebu Pacific Flight no. 5J - 327). We meet at office @ D' Fort, Taguig and went to NAIA Terminal 3. We arrived at NAIA Terminal 3, earlier to proper check-in short...excited po kami...hehehe....and all of us where 1st timers to this we were really excited...hehehe...

The daily view of check- in process in Cebu Pacific NAIA Terminal 3

We check-in exactly 2 hours prior to its departure. After we see in the monitor that the Legazpi flight is starting to accept check-in proper....hehehe..excited talaga...Of course, if your a newbie to the place, what you will do? of opps....Below are some of our photo shots activities....hehehe...Actually we have so many shots within the airport...hehehe...just what i have said..we were all 1st timers....

"xplorerboyz" on photo sessions....hehehehe !!!!!

see....even our boarding tickets had a photo opps too !!!!!

After doing check-in procedures...we proceed to boarding and waiting area...we another photo sessions happen. Upon paying the terminal fee and gone thru to airport security...There is this gallery which is made thru efforts of Cebu Pacific i dont know if they called this as "Airscapes", i've forgot to takenote of the name of the photographer...hehehe...but all of his shots where really nice...different places and tourist spots of our country is been placed for this gallery.

of course photo sessions again....

We exactly boarded on time, but personally on my own experience riding Cebu Pacific flights, there is always a conflict...hehehe..and i have already told my group about this. It was raining that time while waiting to board on the plane. Of course, while waiting photo opps is always present. Below are some of the shots while were waiting, go to onboard and experienced traffic airway opps inside the plane...hehehe....

Our plane ride to Legazpi, Albay

Photo opps on on Waiting area Gate 120

Luckily upon waiting to board our plane. The rain stops so it was really comfort for us, incase this is the 1st time i will ride a plane wet....hehehe....We have to walk in the airport ground to ride our plane. As you can see below of course yours truly will not miss this opportunity...

Yours truly in NAIA Terminal 3 Airport ground...

Most of the passangers is ready for our take off, seat belts were on, but many of us, including our group is wandering why we were still on the airport grounds, and there were also other planes alined...after staying in the ground for more than hour the pilot announced it was due to an airway congestion...hay!!! ang kala ko wala na what we have opps of course inside the plane.

"lakwatserong tatay" & "d eagle"

At last after waiting for our turn to flew off....It is nice to have some shots while in the air...seeing some of the ground sites while you were up in the sky and of course, who will miss a shot of Mt. Mayon before you will ascend to Legazpi Airport, but sad to say.....Mayon Volcano is shy to us that time because it is too cloudy on its upper part...sayang!!!!!! This actually my 1st time to see Mayon Volcano upclose....huhuhuhu!!!!!

Few minutes after our plane departed on NAIA Terminal 3

The Shy Mayon Volcano before we ascend to Legazpi Airport

Of course, if you're new to a place specially like airports, what you will do? So sessions started again...hehehehe...I found that the airport at the foot of Mayon Volcano in Legazpi City servicing not just the province of Albay but the entire Bicol Region. It's in this airport where tourists wishing to commune with Donsol, Sorsogon's pride (Whale Shark aka Butanding). And some outdoor enthusiast wishes to climb Mt. Bulusan and get amazed with the beauty of Lake Bulusan of Bulusan , Sorsogon.

"xplorerboyz in action"...hehehehe...

Legazpi Airport arrival entrance

Legazpi Airport Departure Area

Our plane ride within the view of Majestic Mayon Volcano

It is such an opportunity seeing Mayon Volcano upclose and do really hope to climb it too.....

Here is our 1st Day Itinerary for our 5 Days Backpack Adventures:

1030 ETA NAIA terminal 3
1130 Check-in process
1205 Scheduled Boarding Process
1325 ETD to Legazpi Airport (delayed departure due to airport runway congestion)
1415 ETA Legazpi Airport
1435 ETA Pacific Mall Legazpi, Albay (Late lunch "Biggs Diner")
1545 ETA San Gregorio de Magno Church, Old Albay District of Legazpi near Peñaranda Park, Legazpi Capitol
1615 ETA Our Lady of the Gate Parish Church, Daraga, Albay
1650 ETD to Sorsogon City via GTExpress vans.
1750 ETA Sorsogon, Sorsogon City
1815 ETA See Breeze Home Subd. (our resident’s host house (1st stop)
1830 ETD to Sawanga, Bacon District,Sorsogon
2015 ETA Johari’s Place (Narra St., Purok 7, Sawanga, Bacon District, Sorsogon)

Total expenses (1st Day):

Tricycle to Pacific Mall from Legazpi airport (P20/person)
Jeep to Peñaranda Park (P7)
Jeep to Daraga, Albay from Peñaranda Park (P7)
GTExpress to Sorsogon (P60)
Tricycle to Sea Breeze (P10/person)
Full tank of Trike Mobile (P100/person)

Legazpi Airport Information:

Flights to Legazpi from Manila are offered by Philippine Airlines, Cebu Pacific, Airphil Express, and Zest Air with airline offices inside the airport compound. (You could choose any from this airline which offers the cheapest flight rates to Legazpi).

Legazpi Airport to your preferred destinations:

There are no taxis in Legazpi, only tricycle that can be hired for P50.00 to P 60.00 per trip to bus and van terminals where you can ride and choose between vans and buses to the Albay towns like Nabua, Tiwi, Sorsogon City, Naga City (Camarines Sur) and also back to Manila via land transportation.

Contact Information of Albays Tourism Office:

Albay Tourism Bldg., Albay Astrodome Complex,
Capt. F. Aquende Drive, Legazpi City, 4500 Albay, Philippines
Tel: +63 (52) 820 6314/16
Fax: +63 (52) 820 6315
e-mail: website:

Regional Office 5
DOT Building, regional Offices Site,
Rawis, Legazpi City 4500
Tels: +63 (52) 820 3664 +63 (52) 482 0811
+63 (52) 482 0812
+63 (52) 482 0712


jasperjugan said...

nice! mayon + airplane view!

Anonymous said...

thank God I found your blog! ^___^ so informative! maraming salamat po. very helpful po para sa tour namen this coming March.

lakwatserong tatay said...

hi anonymous,

im glad that i help your group for your trip this coming march.
thanks for viewing too.


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