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Part 2: One of Bicol's Pride in Fastfood Chain "Bigg's Diner"

Bigg's Diner in Pacific Mall, Legazpi
by lakwatserong tatay

After a delayed trip from Manila, our host xplorerboy Johari is telling us, the famous fast-food chain in Bicol region. It is not just like the Jollibee, Mcdonald's and Greenwich fast food chain's where you can always find in our different part of our county. Johari told us that you must not miss the chicken of this food chain. So after few hours of waiting, we arrived at Legazpi Airport later afternoon, we were all hungry and we hurried to Pacific Mall where is the nearest branch of Bigg's Diner located. Upon arriving to Legazpi we were welcomed and blessed by rain...in short medyo wet kami nung kumain...hehehe.....All of us were excited to try the Bicol's Pride when it comes to food chain...here we go....at Pacific Mall....
Bigg's Diner @ Pacific Mall
A bit history of Bigg's....
Bigg’s Diner is the biggest fast-food chain in the Bicol region, although they rightfully claim that they serve good food and not fast food. The restaurant, however, has not always been known by the name it has today. And while they may now be considered as the most successful fast- food chain in the Bicol Region, the Bicolano restaurant started small.
The fast-food chain traces its roots to the Mang Donald’s burger stand that opened in 1983. It was an instant hit among Naguenos, both because of its tasty burgers and its catchy name. However, it was the same catchy name that forced the burger stand to cease its operation due to legal suits. In 1984, the owners of Mang Donald’s conceptualized Nalds, this time catering to the city folks who would rather have goto's and dinuguan than burgers and other American food fares. Like Mang Donald’s, Nalds was a hit. When 1990 came, the creative minds of the Nalds’ owners again came up with a new concept, a restaurant that offers a fun dining experience with services nearing fast-food criteria in quickness. And like their previous ventures, the new concept was again embraced whole-heartedly by Naguenos.
From Carl’s Diner, the name again changed in 1994 to Bigg’s Diner. From 1996 onwards, the restaurant started to expand outside Naga City and with their retro-inspired diner ambience, and maybe most of the oldies will really like it, specially if you're an Elvis Presley fanatic......Servings are also bigger than other restaurants but at an equally affordable price. Must try products are their bestselling Crispy Chicken and uniquely blended Rock and Roll Iced Tea. Bigg Taste You Can Afford. Today, the fast-food chain has various branches in the neighboring municipalities and provinces. But through all these changes and expansions, the quality and taste of the food they offer remained the same.

Inside the Bigg's Diner, Pacific Mall
Bigg's Diner experience
At last all of us, were really excited to try eat and dine in Bigg's, even Johari missed some of his favorites. As we line up on cashier's counter we can't decide what to choose from, but of course as per johari's advice we must try their chicken......and wow....the chicken really taste great and and i really like its crispiness...sarap!!!!!...hehehe....actually i've ordered for my self a chicken bigg deal meal that reminds me of bunch of lunch of shakey's, but if i will compare it...i really must go with the chicken of Bigg's....hehehe...masarap promise!!!!... all of us ordered a bigg deal meal except for johari who ordered a daing na bangus w/ pinangat that time....one of the bicol's finest....hehehe...and when it comes to it's price..it is really affordable...in short swak sa budget....marami ka mapagpipilian!!!!

Bigg's Deal w/ extra rice....
Definitely if i'll go back to Bicol region, ill gonna visit again this food chain to eat and dine in again...and again, infact before we depart Legazpi, we had our lunch again at Bigg's Diner Pacific Mall, that time we tried their different meals, for me and johari, tried the combo meal crispy chicken, jayson tried the crispy chicken (a 2 pcs. chicken meal), regie tried their extreme burger.Xplorerboyz @ Bigg's

Combo Meal Crispy Chicken
So whenever your in Bicol region, and having a vacation, i will really recommend to you, to try to eat in Bigg's Diner. As their wall lighted mount displays saying..."Bigg taste you can afford" & "I love the taste of Biggs".
Thanks to johari's encouragement to try to eat at Bigg's. We will really definitely miss it's chicken's taste. I do really hope that they could open a branch here in Manila....

If you want to experience, what we had experience dining at Bigg's. Simply click this link to check out, Bigg's Diner site.
Bigg's Diner: The Biggest Food Chain in the Bicol Region (http://www.biggsdiner.com/v1/)

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napaksarap ng ribs jan, super mura pa!!
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