Friday, September 17, 2010

Part 3: Cathedral of San Gregorio Magno

St. Gregory the Great in Legazpi, Albay
by lakwatserong tatay

After our late lunch at Bigg's Diners, Pacific Mall, our group headed to the Albay's Cathedral Church known as Cathedral of San Gregorio Magno, and actually that day, is the start of a 2 days Albay's District Fiesta, the Catholic Church celebrates the feast of St. Gregory the Great (San Gregorio Magno), one of the greatest Pontiffs of the Catholic faith and one of only two Popes in history who was given the title “the great,” the other being St. Leo the Great. Where in our country, commemorative rites in honor of their patron will be held in Legazpi City, Albay; Majayjay, Laguna; Indang, Cavite; and Ginatilan, Cebu.

The Statue of the Sacred Heart of Jesus

The Cathedral of St. Gregory the Great, also called the Albay Cathedral, is the Episcopal Seat of the Diocese of Legazpi. The cathedral started as a wooden chapel built by early Spanish missionaries who moved into the town in the 1580s. It was damaged by American bombers and reconstruction went beyond 1951. The church was elevated to become a cathedral when the Episcopal See of the Diocese of Legaspi was established.

The Diocese of Legazpi comprises the civil province of Albay, a province with a population of almost 1.19 million, 97 per cent of which are Catholics. The current bishop of the Diocese of Legazpi is Bishop Joel Z. Baylon, who was canonically installed last December 10, 2009. He is the sixth bishop of Legazpi. For its titular patron it has Our Lady Mother of Salvation, and for its secondary patron St. Gregory the Great.

The Bellfry towering over the land

The Cathedral view from its spacious plaza on the other side
Below are some of the pictures of the statue you can found around the church. Please bare with the other pictures shot...hehehe... Specially the figure of St. Gregory the Great in full pontifical vestments holding a papal cross, with triple crown or tiara and pallium.

St. Gregory the Great

The old baptismal font

There are also two saints placed in front of the church. Saint Raphael and Saint Peter.

St. Raphael's Statue

St. Peter's Statue

The St. Gregory the Great Cathedral is one of the most prominent landmarks in the Old Albay District of Legazpi. It is located near the Peñaranda Park, Albay Provincial Capitol and the Legazpi City Hall. It is easily accessible from all points of the city.

Legaspi City Hall

xplorers infront of Cathedral San Gregorio Magno
Even though it was bit raining that day, we continued our trip, and our next destination is one of the centuries-old church declared by National Cultural Treasure of our country " The Church of Nuestra Señora de la Porteria also known as Church of Daraga, Albay.


Chyng said...

the churches and cathedrals around bicol are mostly outstanding. facade palang, majestic na.
you group looks cool, i wonder kubng saan ang next stop.. Ü

lakwatserong tatay said...

plano po ng grupo ko is boracay talaga...
ewan ko bakit d kame matuloy tuloy...hehehe..

Pinoy AdvenTurista said...

nice! i was there just last month for a Solo trip to Albay and Daraga... =D


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