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Camiguin: Mantigue Island

by lakwatserong tatay

Right after our tour at Ostrich Farm, we had still 3 places to visit and were done with our Camiguin Island Adventures. Our next stop is an island hoping activity, to set foot and visit one of the famous island of Camiguin known as Mantigue Island, sometimes called as Magsaysay Island.

Mantigue Island
Mantigue Island is located in Mahinog, has estimated 4 hectares in land size. The island has white powdery sand that makes it glows from afar and invites most of the tourist to visit and see the island.

Mahinog Tourism Center....jumpoff to Mantigue Island

the tourist attendant that day...^_^
And then after few discussion at the tourism center, and pay for our boat transfer vice versa.We payed for entrance fee (php20/each) and boat ride (php550) good for 6pax, we able to haggle for additional 1 passenger because is was only good for 5 pax (php500) boat transfer Mahinog-Mantigue-Mahinog. Thanks to my kuripot/pangungulit skills....^_^.....and then we sailed.....yahoo...

Mantigue Island Motorboat Service Ass.
Boat transfer here in Mahinog is organized and controlled by government, so don't be afraid to get over price offer by some of the local nearby this island.

group photo opps...thanks kuya bangkero...^_^
After 20 minutes wiggling in the sea of Camiguin, were getting near the island, as per our bangkero...the boat ride usually takes 20-30 minutes transfer or maybe defending how the seawater could goes because as per kuya the seawaters around Mantigue Island could go sometimes rough and wavy....^_^

maybe this is their patrol boat....
Our boat....akalain mong nagkasya kami diyan...kasama pa dalawang bangkero....^_^

the mighty edgar
Mantigue Island is surrounded by a shining white beach of powdery coral sand. The clear waters reveals the hard and soft corals and the other part of the island is surrounded by sea weeds, making this island ideal for swimming, snorkeling and diving. The center of Mantigue was turned into a nature park full of lush, green mini-forest with different trees that has name on it, wild grasses and plants.

view of Mt. Hibok-Hibok

X-plorerboyz infront of Mt. Hibok-Hibok
As you start to walk towards the tourism center in Mantigue Island, there were many Nipa huts available were you could choose to stay together with your friends....but for us that time we escape that thing and choose to go nature park tripping...^_^

small fishes is present just near seashore...^_^
Mantigue Island caters for 21 families most of them were related to each other. In earliers years as per our kuya bangkero's this island settlers caters tourist alike to stay and be accomodated but due to government rules they were not allowed to do it anymore and infact there where tried to transfer in Mahinog but all of the settlers refused. But as of now, there where instructed to maintain cleanliness and peace in the island that i just hope to be maintained and not entertain anymore other settlers. Based from my research way back 2009 there where only 10 families settling the island but as per our visit and talk with some of the locals in the island there were already 21 families living the island. I just hope the government of Camiguin is aware of this for this island to remain clean and free to visit by tourist alike us.

sea weeds to be dried out.
Of course, one of their main source of living is fishing and getting this sea weeds that their placing under the sun to dried out. Just forgot to ask ate (forgot the name...^_^) what's the reason why it has to be dried out.

some of the local settlers...
And then after few minutes of walking..we reach the other part of the island. The entrance of Mantigue Island Nature Park.

The tourism center of Mantigue Island....as per the tourist information, you may manage to get inside the park without guide but we choose to opted to get a guide to help the locals the earn some money. There where no standard guide fee, monetary funds with do.....^_^..we just give oud makulit, funny and photographer guide as very nice tip fee...sorry nakalimutan ko ulit ang name pero based dun sa tourism center siya lagi ang nagguide...^_^

Mantigue's Tourism Center

Mantigue Island Map
After few minutes of discussion and a bottle of very cold drink at tourism center...we entered the park...here what you may see inside... i was not able to upload some of the local trees inside the park...but you may want to check it on my fb account...^_^

the entrance

i really don't know if this is fruit or what?
One of our siesta time in scorching heat under the sun....^_^ sarap dito promise...^_^
ang sarap humiga sa part nato...see...^_^

time to get out...one last shot...^_^

The park ends with a big tree that you may have a chance to get inside and have a photo opportunity, we have so many photo opps inside the park and off course with the unique tree and here is one of our group photo opps  before we get out the Mantigue Island Nature Park.

swimming time....
Right after our x-ploration tour, we still have remaining time to enjoy the island so we choose to go swimming inspite of the rough waters of Mantigue Island...^_^

our cool and funny guide....photographer  pa!
You might notice this picture above as my header.....Infact this year, X-plorerboyz are heading for a new destination for 2012 with new add ups (Carlo, Shanwar, Joel and plus one (?) and of course us the original (Brian (pasimuno palagi...^_^), Regie and Melvin) and two of the original (Jayson and Johari) wasn't able to join this trip because of some personal reasons... :( ....This time our trip is way up North.....and will be this month from 11-14, A Four Days of backpack trip to Cagayan Valley and Isabela...^_^

X-plorerboyz @ Mantigue Island

Lakwatserong Tatay @ Mantigue Island, Camiguin
Done with another island hopping activity in Camiguin's Mantigue Island and we will proceed to our last stops...A Glimpse of Taguines Lagoon and Exploration and Snorkeling at Giant Clams Santuary...^_^

This is part of our 6-Days Northern Mindanao Escapades. Visited and X-plored 4 Provinces: Misamis Oriental, Camiguin Island, Bukidnon and Lanao Del Norte. Our second stop is Camiguin Island , that is known as the "Island Born of Fire", the 2nd province of Northern Mindanao.

Food Trips:
Food finds: Camiguin's Unique Dessert : Kiping
Food finds: Vjandep Bakeshop : Camiguin's Famous Pastel

Pabua Cottages

Tours & Activities:
Having Fun at Sto. Niño Cold Spring Resort
Bura Soda Pool Resort
Walk to the Old Church Ruins
Trek to Walkway to the Old Volcano and Station of the Cross
Sunken Cemetery
Relaxation at Ardent Hot Spring Resort
A Glance with Katibawasan Falls
Camiguin's Ostrich Farm
Snorkeling at Giant Clams Sanctuary
Glimpse of Tanguines Lagoon

Island Hopping:
White Island
Mantigue Island


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