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1st Padre Burgos Adventure Tour 2010

Padre Burgos Adventure 2010
February 27-28, 2010
By Lakwatsero

Maorang, Padre Burgos, Quezon Province

Organized by: Yabag Mountaineering Club (headed by Miguel Mapalad)

Featuring: Borawan Island, Dampalitan Island , Mag-Asawang Bato Island, and the 1st Mt. lipata hike by a mountaineer.

Activities: Beachineering, Island Hopping, Camping, Swimming, Snorkling, Fishing, Camfire Socials, Beach Bumming.

Optional Activities: Rock Climbing, Bouldering, Rappeling (for this activities if you do have your own equipments you could set up this kind of activities, Hike to MT. LIPATA (30 mins - 40mins hiking depending on your group), Kayaking on each every Islands.

I'm proud to say that me, "lakwatsero" and jobari part of xplorerboyz was part of the 1st Padre Burgos Adventure Tour 2010, and to hike the Mt. Lipata even though this mountain can be considered as a Minor Climb, but i can rest assure you, it can give you satisfaction while your in near of it. As i remember you can feel and remember the view of "Avatar" because of the big tree braches on the top and it reminds me also the peak of Mt. Pico de Loro, where you have to used a rope to climb the actual rock boulder peak, even though this rock boulder is not as high as Mt. Pico de Loro, you will used your all styles on rock climbing because, one miss on it, can cause your life. As what i have said this is the 1st actual climb for this mountain so the trail is not as established as others, even the actual rock boulder peak or the highest peak of Mt. Lipata must a have rope for you to climb it, but if your willing to do extreme, you can climb this rock boulder by your own risk.

Some Information about Padre Burgos:
Padre Burgos, was formerly known as "LAGUIMANOC" due to the shape of the coastline which resemble the bill of a chicken or "manok". Another version is that chickens were so abundant in the town that hawk always swiped down the place to snatch chicks from their mother hens. When hawks flew overhead, as warning to the neighborhood, people shouted "Hawk manok" on January 1, 1917 the villages of Laguimanoc, which until then was a Barrio of Atimonan, became a municipality. Ten years after, the towns council changed the name to Padre Burgos, in honor of one of our countrys martyr.

The streets of this placed were named after local leaders who rendered valuable services to the community. Because of the physical and topographical conditions to the town, four(4) sitios were cluster of houses were built became the main district of the town namely Campo, Burgos, Basio and Bundok-punta.Padre Burgos the entry point of Bonpen for Bondoc Peninsula.
If Bicol has CamSur for Camarines Sur, Quezon has BonPen for Bondoc Peninsula. Part of the trend to jazz up the traditional names of regions, provinces and districts partly to give them a current feel and the convenience of name dropping, BonPen is succeeding is making itself a curious catchword when it was largely unknown before. It is now known for the reasons of this places especially the "Borawan Island" - combination of Boracay like beach and rocks and environment like Palawan beaches. "Dampalitan island" - White sand beach like beaches of Zambales, and other islets.
BonPen is rich in natural beauty and religious traditions, BonPen consists of the 12 towns of the 3rd district of Quezon which include Padre Burgos, Agdangan, Unisan, Pitogo, Macalelon, General Luna, Catanauan, Mulanay, San Narciso, San Francisco, Buenavista and San Andres. To promote BonPen, Board Member Lourdes “Bunso” De Luna-Pasatiempo heads the BonPen Tourism Council to create it as a center of tourism in Southern Tagalog Region and a prime tourist spots.

This placed was also featured in one of the episodes of Trip na Trip (ABS-CBN show) last February 5, 2010.

This itinerary was really base on our actual trip it may vary from your group preparations because in the pier it self. There is Talipapa where you could buy your food, snacks and of course "Alaks".

Suggested Itinerary for Padre Burgos Adventure:

02:00am Assembly (exact place will be arrange on pre climb meeting)
0300am ETD to Padre Burgos, Quezon
0545am ETA Lucena, Stop over at Lucena Grand terminal
0630am ETD for Padre Burgos, Quezon, Laguimanoc Pier (Vista Playa) where we stopped.
0730am ETA Laguimanoc pier, Padre Burgos. board private bangka, island hopping starts. (Prepare for your swimming attire)
0900am ETD Vista Playa to MagAsawang Bato Island.
0940am ETA Magasawang bato island, free time.
Optional Activities: swim, snorkling, bonding, kodakan, early socials
1100am Dampalitan island, free time/enjoy.
Optional Activities: swim, snorkling, fishing, Beach bumming, siesta, grill
1200pm Lunch time
1300pm ETD to Borawan Island.
1330pm ETA Borawan Island, free time.
Optional Activities: Rappeling, rock climbing level 1 and 3, Snorkling, beachineering, swimming, bonding, eating, Bouldering, rock scrambling, caving/spelunking, fishing, siesta, beach bumming.
1900pm Dinner and Socials.
For Sales Fresh Seafoods: (Fresh fish, large squid for grilling, octopus, etc.. are available at the island by fisherman)

Night Activity: Camping, swimming, Beachineering, Campfire socials, fishing, games, beach bumming, beach under the moonlight.

0600am Suggested wake up call, have breakfast.
Activities: Viewing sunrise, free time, Beach roaming, swim, snorkling, rock climbing, rappeling, bouldering, beach bumming, fishing.
1030am Break camp, pack up to Uro’s beach.
1130am ETA Uro’s beach..prepare lunch.
1200pm Lunch, free time.
Optional activities: Swimming, snorkling, 30mins - 40mins hike to Mt. lipata view of Laguimanoc Bay, it will depends to your groups facing, Bonding, Chillax (combination of Chill and Relax).
1300pm ETD for Mt. Lipata, Lipata Island Uro's Beach jump off.
1340pm ETA Mt. Lipata Rock Boulder Peak, (picture taking time, and Chillax)
1430pm ETD Mt. Lipata
1530pm ETA Uro's Island end of the trek.
1600pm Wash up and merienda time.
1715pm ETD to Laguimanoc Pier, Padre Burgos.
1800pm ETA Laguimanoc, Padre Burgos.
1830pm ETD to Manila.
2300pm ETA Manila.

Padre Burgos Island Hopping

Few of the Participants Trippers of 1st Padre Burgos Adventure
For contact informations on a Padre Burgos Adventure:
if you want a hassle free adventure: Miguel Mapalad (YABAG Org.) - 0905-2688275 or email (
but if you want to be on your own/group:
Melvin Tourist Bus: Melvin - (0939-2267400)
for island hopping activities (bangka's to used ): Mang Uro - (0918-2550875)


Anonymous said...

VISTA PLAYA in Bgry. Marao, Padre Burgos Quezon Province is under new management with better service. For inquiries regarding Beach Activities/ Boat rides, etc., kindly contact DIRECT at 63.906.2423945. It is a First Come, First Serve Basis.
- el_sentidoverde

lakwatserong tatay said...

@el_sentidoverde...thanks for posting of updates in VISTA PLAYA...i really do hope that i could get back to borawan...i missed that place.


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