Monday, March 29, 2010

Man-Made Forest of Bohol

Bohol Tour: Man-Made Forest
by Lakwatsero

This is part of our previous Bohol tour happened last February, I just want to share how beautiful it was and how they preserve it's nature and help it to be like this, now a days. And also as a Boholano, I'm very proud to say how they worked hard enough to create their own version of a provincial attractions.

According to Kuya Ciano, our driver and tour guide as the same time, hehehehe....the man-made forest in Bohol whose area covers over 800 hectares of land, lying on the town of Bilar and Loboc was created during the reforestation program by the government on the ’60s. The forest is protected under the government law, and any tree or plant under the area are prohibited from ‘kaingin’ or cutting. Most of the trees planted in this area are Mahogany trees. The trees grew in almost the same height and width that it creates a ceiling of leaves on the roads of Bilar.

While on the road in man-made forest, Kuya Lito mentioned that the road were taking is locally known as ‘tina-i sa manok’ in Bisaya (chicken intestines) because of the winding curves of the road, a winding pathway from Loboc to Bilar. Unfortunately there’s no light for the vehicles that passes there, which makes it dangerous when traveling at night.

The real joy of exploring the Man Made Forest is going all the way up the winding road, which is very identical to a chicken’s intestine. As you drive up, all that you can see behind is the luscious greens that are uniformed in height and are spread out as if they are guarding something down.

If what pleases you is taking a tour around the forest, you may do so. The most notable difference that you would be able to recognize upon entering this man-made haven is the change in temperature. Even when the weather is scorching hot outside, you will be greeted with only cool breeze inside the Man Made Forest. That is because the tall trees are able to protect the insides from the sun’s rays with its spread out leaves.

Some tourists who visits there also experiences the man-made forest by camping deep within the forest. As one of Kuya Ciano’s experience was bringing four people in the man-made forest who camped there overnight. Camping in the forest is very unusual though.

So don't waste time, if your on Bohol, take a visit to one of it's preserve nature.

Tips and Traps:

Best to come there while there’s still sun. The forest is quite dim, even in the mornings.

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