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The Philippine Tarsier

Bohol Tour: World's Smallest Monkey
"The Philippine Tarsier"
by Lakwatsero
isn't it cute?

For the last and final stop of our Bohol day tour, one of the most tourist attractions that comes to our mind when youre in Bohol, "The Philippine tarsier", (Tarsius syrichta).

just looking around!!!!
The Philippine Tarsier and the Tarsier in general is believed to be the world’s smallest monkey.

Just wandering why were there many people in their place.
This cute little Philippine Tarsier Monkey will fit very comfortably in your hand. Being nocturnal hunters, the Tarsier has huge eyes which are just perfect for night vision and has oversized ears, any movement will be heard. Another unique characteristic the Tarsier has, is the ability to swivel it’s head 180 degrees, pretty clever little things.

but what they do always when the sun is up?
It lives in the lowland and coastal forests, coming out at night to hunt small insects, birds, bats and reptiles. It keeps itself hidden amongst the branches of trees which is where it lives. During the day the Philippine Tarsier will sleep in hollowed out logs or branches in the trees which it lives. Tarsiers are regarded as the oldest living mammal inhabiting earth. It’s very tiny, measuring only at about 4 to 6 inches in height. In fact, Tarsiers are also known as the smallest monkey or primate. Unfortunately, these cute species are now listed as endangered species.

what do you think? hehehehehe!!!!

You can find Tarsiers in captivity in Loboc, around 24 kms from Tagbilaran and also in Corella, about 14 kms from the city.

Where to Meet the Tarsier:

You can visit the tarsier at the Philippine Tarsier Foundation, and see it in its natural habitat.

The Philippine Tarsier Foundation,
Km. 14 Canapnapan Corella, Bohol 6300 Philippines
Tel: (0912) 5163375
Mobile: (0918) 6021326

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