Monday, April 19, 2010

Kowloon House

Kowloon House (SM Makati Foodcourt) Ayala, Makatiby lakwatsero

Kowloon House (SM Makati)

After our office works, me and my wife usually eat dinner outside, perhaps on a resto, fastfood chains and even some carienderia's on our place were really near at P.U.P. (Sta. Mesa, Manila), where our budget will gonna fit in. hehehehehe !!!!!!

waiting for their orders...

I make this blog about Kowloon House, not to promote it's food chain, but to share how delicious they are (for us!!!), and if you on a budget money wise eating...I could certainly advice this food chain.

combo meals that swaks!!! are budgets!!!!

I personally experienced eating at Kowloon House, every when im invited in a weeding and christening celebrations, but just this year, me and my wife tried to eat on this food chain located at B1 food court, SM Makati, Makati City. Actually it's just like the Kowloon House we all knew, on their bigger branches were some parties and events were held and the dishes and cuisine were catered by this establishment.

Here are some of our favorites....that i could personally suggest..
Some of there signature dishes: Sweet and sour pork rice, Asado Rice, Chicken chunks with oyster sauce, Kowloon cold cuts, pork asado and tausi pao....and many more...

Combo meal # 2 (lemon chicken and chicken soy) just for php 69

other combination for combo # 2 (tausi spareribs and chicken soy) for php 69

Hope you could try this dishes, it really taste well. Till the next food trip invasion.

Operating hours: Mon -Sun (10am - 9pm) even Holidays
Payment Method: Cash
Catering Services: Yes
Delivery: Yes
Offers value meals: Yes
Services: Serves breakfast and take-out
Directions: If your in Makati, just go to SM Makati.

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