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Ride all the way at Enchated Kingdom

Joy Ride @ Enchanted Kingdom
By Lakwatsero

Enchanted Kingdom

To start our day at Enchanted Kingdom, our 1st stop was Flying Fiesta......actually i wasn't able to capture some moments of our group on this ride....huhuhuhu..but of course I tried it but im just the only one who was able to ride this, and some of us is on the other rides. Our next destination it was 4D Discovery Theatre, most of our kidz, was excited because it shows "Dora the Explorer", that time, this was not included in our ride all you can ticket but you can purchase a ticket in a discounted price P60 if you have a ticket that is just for entrance the price of ticket is P100.

It's me @ Flying Fiesta
My family @ 4D theater
For our 3rd ride, it was a group effort, but sad to say my wife wasn't able to join this ride because she's taking care of our kidz, Rialto ("Speed Racer" Grand Prix), after this ride few of us want to try to ride Kart Trak but because of its entrance fee (it's very high), we decided not to try it, and just contented with picture taking.....hehehehe...
Team D @ Rialto

yehey....were really near!!!!

ang hirap talaga ng marami kumukuha ng picture!!!!! hehehehehe
Arnie, Ronette and Jerry.....

wow...pogi...solo ko toh.. .."hi i'm Joey"

Kart Trak @ E.K.

no.1 daw....hehehehe!!!!

4 d Boyz.....naks!!!!

Lunch time, our group decided to have lunch at Jungle Outpost area where the Enchanted Kingdom food court is located, there were many food varieties and food chain to choose from. Most of us that time were so exhausted due to hot condition, and hungry and decided to take a real lunch meal, our group pick a japanese type of lunch, "Karate Kid Japanese Fastfood" . and on it's side is the Space Shuttle Max sponsored by Pepsi...sad to say on that day it opened very late due to some maintenance inspections, and as i remember it was pass 6pm when it opens....

Heeyyaah!!!! Karate Kid Japanese Fastfood @ E.K.

The ride that i missed!!!!...huhuhuhuh!!!!

i will definitely comeback for you....
After lunch, our group headed to Wheel of Fate, and some of my groups actually felt that if do they have the fate to ride the famous "Ferris Wheel"..hehehehehe...after this ride, me together with family has our moment for the meantime, to ride some of the kiddie rides that my kidz can ride on....

is it a Will or Fate?

4 d Boyz live @ E.K.....hehehehe

joey pwde ngumiti....peace!!!!!! hehehehe!!!!
our fans!!!!! hehehehe!!!!!

After gone for almost an hour, im back with my group,
our next stop is one of the most attraction ride in E.K.,
the Rio Grande Rapids, this time me & my wife had a chance to ride it,
for a few moments and had to left our kidz to my teammates for a while.
This ride was absolutely tremendous...and absolutely you will get you can see my picture while on this rapid ride..hehehehe...(luckily my camera didn't get wet...hehehehe!)

The line before you could ride this rapid
Here we's our turn.....we were with this americans.
One of my favorite shots (left side) dba Lui....hehehehe!!! and my wife is not ready to get wet...hehehehe
After getting wet some of our group have to go home, because of some personal reasons, and some of the remaining Team "D", decided to have an adrenaline rush, so we decided to try the SRRX, a horror house trip inside E.K., this is not part of ride all you can ticket, you must pay another entrance fee amounting P60. Sad to say taking pictures inside this creepy house is strictly prohibited.

Ticket Booth of SRRX

Waiting for our turn........waahahahaha!!!!!
Am i scary!!!!what do you think!!!!

Hey open this door, we want to get back...hehehehe!!!!
After scaring ourselves, we decided to try the little space shuttle....hehehehehehe...."Roller Skater", after experiencing this ride, we go ahead to "Dodgem" aka Bumpcars....actually i really want to try this ride few times but due to its very long line of waiting before your turn, our group just ride it once.....

The Roller Skater

Of course there will be a photo opppsss...from left...

to right.........

The ride....wahahahahaha!!!!!

it's bumping time!!!!

ang sweet noh!!!!

ang haba po ng pila....
boi nakita mo ba?
ayan nakita na nya.....hahahahaha!!!!!
Some of teammates tried the "Jungle Log Jam", i wasn't able to ride this one too..I don't remember why, maybe by that time that they're try that ride i was with my family....hehehehe...riding kiddie rides..., but luckily i wasable to capture there moments with this ride, only 3 of them tried this one, Jeson, Eric and Gel, nephew of Mommy Sue.
Jungle Log Jam

@ Jungle Log Jam Overpass....

"Log Jam Trio"
This is my last ride in this amusement park, The "Anchors Away", i think we ride this as a group for more than 4 times, personally i really like this ride.....i don't know why, but it was absolutely fun....hehehehe...

Anchors Away.............
let's get it on!!!!

what if nasa ilalim ka nito?

of course photo oppps bago magstart!!!!
one of my favorites shots @ Anchors Away....hehehe...dilat na dilat!!!!

Sad to say our group wasn't able to watch the fireworks display because of lack of time, and the fireworks display also will gonna start late by 8:30pm and all of us will just travel back to Manila via Provincial Bus. We don't have any private vehicle to use to go back to Manila.
To end our team building it was really full of fun memories, full of captured moments as you can see above and lastly, thanks for joining our 1st team building activity, I hope the persons that joined this activity will gonna be part of our next coming activities.

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