Saturday, April 3, 2010

Prusisyon sa Antipolo 2010

Good Friday Procession
Antipolo City, Rizal
by Lakwatsero

Start of the Procession
This is my 2nd straight yr. to attend a procession in good friday at Antipolo, together with my family. This procession of different saints of Antipolo is part of Holy Week activities.

some of the Sakristan's of Antipolo Church
Scenes from our traditional 2-hour walkathon. I've always wondered why we did this. Maybe it's to share in the suffering of Jesus even just a little bit. Though I've complained that people now go on vacation during the Holy Week, I am always amazed at how many people join this procession. Traffic literally stops wherever we march, but there is just one noticeable in this march there were so many political banners too.......

The 1st Patron Saint in the Procession

This procession will gonna start from Antipolo Church and will go walk through some of the main roads of Antipolo like Antipolo Central Market, in short the procession will gonna walk around the Antipolo Church.

My sister-in-law together with his husband and son

of course yours truly together with my wife..

here's my son too.....hehehehe

Here are some of the scenes while our family joining this march. Together with my sister-in-laws and their husband. Some of the patron saints that was included in the procession are shown below.

As I remember almost 20 patron saints was used for this procession.

Definitely we will gonna do this every year if we were around in Antipolo, every Holy Week as part of Antipolo's Holy Week Activities.

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