Wednesday, April 28, 2010

A Few Hours of Waiting @ Syblings Nook

Syblings Nook (SM Baguio)
By Lakwatsero

Syblings Nook
Some of the boys of our group, decided to stay at SM Baguio, and had a few drink of San Mig Light to waste some of time. It was a really good decision, we had a chance to do our post climb activity, we talked and chat regarding the climb, the experiences climbing Mt. Pulag.

want a menu....
on other side....
the entrance
Actually we wasn't able to order a dinner, because we decided to drink first, but as far as i see the menu, it really looks nice and you could find some interesting food choices on their menu. Syblings Nook is located at 2nd floor open view deck of SM Baguio. Their place was actually good. They're offering meals from morning to dinner meals and even catered like us that who just wants to drink and take a beautiful view of Baguio for sidetrip views. About their prices it is quite reasonable and really presented good.

group pic 1st....hehehehe
We started to drink around 6:30pm in the evening. For our 1st order it was 2 buckets of San Mig Light with pika pika, for just P275 each. After few chat, we had our 2nd order this time, it was a 2 bucket of San Mig Light again but this time it is partnered with 2 Pork Sisig, for just P365 each. Of course after exchanging of words, chatting again, and few hours pass by. We had our last order, combination of 2 buckets again, with different pulutan, 1 pikapika and 1 plates of Lumpiang Bangus (for P325 (lumpiang bangus)).
The Pika-Pika Pulutan

Pork Sisig Pulutan
Lumpiang Bangus
We stayed for few hours while drinking beer and even stayed up to closing time of the store and SM Baguio. We had a nice chat and different discussion, and especially one of the topic is for our next destination. And for the record, your's truly is not actually eating any kind of fish meals, i don't really know why, and don't ask me too, because i cannot answer you. But when i tried the Lumpiang Bangus, it was really good and i don't even taste the fish, i think it is pork. Kodus to the cook of Syblings Nook...hehehehehe..ang galing...nasarapan ako eh...So that all....this is my last entry for my Mt. Pulag adventure. Till my next adventures......Lakwatserong tatay signing ganun!!!!


Anonymous said...

Next time you visit Syblings Nook try out their brewed coffee, i don't know what's with their coffee that keeps me awake all night, tamang tama lang because i work night shift as call center agent and i always drop by there to charge my body with Daily Brew coffee before i go to work. The best coffee in town!!!

lakwatserong tatay said...

Thanks for the info.
When ill be back in Baguio, ill gonna try your suggestion.
To justify if it is true best coffee in town!!!!hehehehe..

Anonymous said...

their white mochas are so heavenly!!!

lakwatserong tatay said...


thanks po sa info.
D bale po malapit na po makabalik diyan sa Baguio. Hopefully sa august po makapunta ko.
sana mameet ko kayo mga nagcomment.


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