Saturday, April 17, 2010

Budget Lunch at Antipolo

Martinez St., Antipolo City
By Lakwatsero

Six JJJJJJ is an open type small restaurant located in Antipolo City, nearby the FX terminal of Makati-Ayala route, right across between A. Masangkay and Martinez Street, (nearby Antipolo City Hall). I'm not helping this resto, but just want to share how delicious are they servings. Budget wise food choices that swaks our budget, and of course it has an easy access if your Antipolo City, nearby Antipolo Church and Antipolo City Hall, and looking for food choices that are delicious and budget wise.

food choices of Six JJJJJJ

As you can see on their menu, how it is really budget helpful like for me that always took lunch and dinner outside, because we just cooked our meals every weekends.

Six JJJJJJ ambience
Me and my wife ordered different meal, I ordered one of their house favorites the Beef Pares (P55)..see how swak it wife ordered a Fried Chicken Meal w/ egg (p60) we ordered a 800 ml of RC Cola.

Beef Pares Meal (P55)

Fried Chicken Meal w/ Egg (P60)

Hope when you visit Antipolo, when it is time lunch and dinner time, and your looking for meals and food choices that has reasonable prices and delicious foods to be served..i would like to recommend to try to eat on their outlet, it has a really nice place even though it is open type small resto. Staffs are accomodating and friendly.

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