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Karate Kid Japanese Fastfood

Lunch Time: Karate Kid at Enchanted Kingdom
By Lakwatsero

Karate Kid Japanese Fastfood
I am not a great fan of Japanese Food. I like Japanese Anime! But not their cooked and uncooked fish dishes.
However, in this kind of places you must find a consumer friendly meals that really swaks to your budgets. Whenever you go to this places that food is not allowed inside expect you food cost will gonna be a WOW...hehehehe
I am still not fond of Japanese Food but what can I do... We need to eat a really heavy meal because it is lunch time.
The first commercially successful Japanese Fastfood here in the Philippines was Tokyo-Tokyo (i personally love this fastfood) and there have been many others who have gone mainstream.
I have tasted meals (except sushi and sashimi) from Kitaro, Teriyaki Boy, Tokyo-Tokyo and Yoshinoya.

Enchanted Kingdom Foodcourt
Food choices @ E.K.
We scouted the area of Jungle Outpost (foodcourt of EK) to find food choices that will really swaks our team budget. Luckily we found this fastfood, although expect some changes to their prices because it is not like on their mall branches.
What we ordered:

Beek Teriyaki

Japanalo Meals with 2pcs Gyoza, Yakisoba and Rice: Tonkatsu(P115), Yakitori(P115) and Beef Teriyaki(P125)

Tonkatsu Japanalo Meal

A very large softdrinks (P35)

it is really very large at actual...hehehehe


Although it taste sweet the Terriyaki is great and the Gyoza is absolutely delicious.
The Beef is so tasty and easy to chew. It tastes like our native Bistek but with sweet spices. The Gyoza is cooked just right, together with a very large sofdrinks...hehehehe

Here are other dishes you'll find at Karate Kid (mall prices):

Fresh Finds: California Maki, Sashi Maki, Tuna Sashimi, Kani Sushi and Tonkatsu Maki

Noodles: Gyoza Ramen, Chicken Ramen, Tonkatsu Ramen, Tempura Ramen, Beef Ramen and Yakisoba

Meals with Rice: Ika Fry(P95), Gyudon(P95), Beef Teriyaki(P89), Beef Teppanyaki(P95), Tuna Teppanyaki(P95), Sukiyakidon(P99), Ebi Tempura, Chicken Toridon, Pork Katsudon, Tonkatsu(P99), Chicken Teriyaki(P130), Sizzling Squid(P95) and Fish Katsu(P95)

Karate-pid Meals with punch: Chicken Kickers (P55), Japanese Hamburgers (P69), Pork Katsudon(P75) and Chicken Toridon(P75)

Japanalo Meals with 2pcs Gyoza, Yakisoba and Rice: Tonkatsu (P95), Yakitori (P95) and Beef Teriyaki (P95)

Side Kicks: Potatoballs(P35), Gyoza, Fried Rice(P49), Tofu Furai, Miso Soup(P15), Yasai Itame(P58), Plain Rice(P15) and Sizzling Tofu Steak(P100)

Drinks: Kido Punch Tea, Bottled Water and Softdrinks

Deserts: Jelly Mousse in Mango, Strawberry, Coffee, Caramel Green Tea and Choco-Mocha

Other Branches:

SM City Manila, San Lazaro, Fairview, Sucat, Marilao, Clark, Sta. Rosa and Dasmarinas, SM Mall of Asia, Waltermart Makati, Landmark Trinoma, 168 Shopping Mall, Enchanted Kingdom and KPMG Ayala Makati

Over-all Rating:

Their affordable.
Their not the best tasting but you're sure to get your money's worth.
I recommend their Yakisoba, Tonkatsu and Beef Teppanyaki.
Try also their Japanalo Bento Meals all for P115.00 - 125.00 only (Enchanted Kingdom prices).
Dont order the punch, get a softdrink or a bottled water instead. But if you should insist, I'd advise you to have the food servers put more ice on your punch.

Happy Tripping at Enchanted Kingdom!!!!!!!

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