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Our Lady of Peace and Good Voyage in Antipolo

Antipolo Church
Antipolo City, Rizal
by Lakwatsero

Antipolo Church Main Entrance
Every merry month of May, the legendary town of Antipolo becomes a beehive of activity and vibrancy as thousands, from all walks of life, flock to this lovely place amongst the hills. To the lilting tune of native songs, people come to this town, primarily to pay homage to the miraculous Our Lady of Peace and Good Voyage(Nuestra Señora de la Paz Y Buenviaje), popularly known as the Virgin of Antipolo (Birhen ng Antipolo) and, secondly, to take a breather from the heat and dust of the summer months amidst Antipolo's refreshing mountain air, rippling streams, springs and also attracts pilgrims from all over the country particularly people intending to travel, work abroad or blessing for their new cars/vehicles. Photos below were taken after the Holy Week Celebration of Antipolo Church.

Antipolo Church Marker

The Center Isle of the Church

The Miraculous Virgen of Antipolo

The Beautiful Stained Glass Windows of the Church at 2nd flr

Brief History:
On March 25, 1626, Don Juan Niño de Tabora left the shores of Mexico aboard the galleon, El Almirante, to make its voyage to the Philippines. On this trip, Governor Tabora brought along the brown image of our Blessed Virgin Mother. For three months, the El Almirante safely braved the dangers of the stormy seas and a fire aboard the ship, arriving in the ports of Manila on July 18, 1626. Governor Tabora, realizing that the galleon's safe and successful journey was due to the presence of the image of the Blessed Virgin on board the ship, called for the pompous celebration of the image's arrival. Amidst pageantry and fireworks, the religious procession started from the Church of San Ignacio, the Jesuit Church in Intramuros, up to the Manila Catholic Cathedral, which became the first house of the Blessed Virgin's image. It is said that because of the events surrounding the safe voyage of the El Almirante, the Blessed Virgin was named Nuestra Señora de la Paz y Buenviaje.
When Governor Tabora died in 1632, the Blessed Image was turned over to the care of the Jesuit fathers who were then constructing a church of Antipolo. Actually, a church was to be specifically built for the Blessed Virgin in the nearby barrio of Sta. Cruz. But attempts of the Jesuit fathers to move it from the Church of Antipolo were futile because somehow, as if in protest of leaving this town, the holy image was always found on the trunk of a tree called the Tipolo which grew in the original site of the old church. Because of these manifestations, a pedestal was curved out of the trunks of the said tree, and thus the Blessed Virgin became locally known as the Virgin of Antipolo.
During the occupation of the Japanese, the Blessed Image of our Lady of Antipolo was evacuated to the mountains of Angono, then at Santolan. The five hundred people who journeyed with the Brown Virgin all felt safe through their trips along steep mountain trails. For a while, the Blessed Virgin was housed in the Ocampo residence at Quiapo, previous to its transfer to the Quiapo Church where it stayed until October 15, 1945, when it was finally transferred to its original and permanent sanctuary at the Church of Antipolo. Every year, devotees commemorate this transfer, as they join the "Alay Lakad" from Quiapo Church to the Antipolo Cathedral starting at around 8:00 PM (30th of April) until dawn of the following day (1st of May).

Some of the Patron's inside the Church

On the other side of the church, some of the pilgrims are praying.

Some of the Patron inside the Church

and on the other side too.....

By the way, Im actually living now at Antipolo for the past 3 years together with my family, just recently started this year blogging, so just wait for my other entries regarding with Antipolo's Tourist Attractions. Pictures below is around Antipolo Church. The Antipolo City Hall, The carpark that turned to be Rizal Park (for me), The Our Lady of Peace School, Adoration Chapel and many more..........

The Bell Tower of Antipolo Church

The Bell tower and Rizal Monument

One of the Patron Statues outside the Church

The Adoration Chapel

Our Lady of Peace School (OLPS)
The Welcome signaged of the Park
"The Park" across this park will be rising a 5-Storey Car Parking of Antipolo

Wanna some Pasalubongs.......

Antipolo City Hall

How to get to Antipolo Church:
via Commute: The fastest way is via MRT/LRT transfer to LRT 2 get off at the last station (Santolan). Board a jeep/fx bound for Antipolo Church then upon arriving at Antipolo, you can actually view few meters away the church, that you can just walk few meters away. There are Antipolo Simbahan -bound jeepneys in Cubao, Quezon City.
via Commute from Laguna: Board a Sta.Cruz jeepney then transfer to a Siniloan PUJ. In Siniloan, flag a jeep to Tanay, Rizal then another jeep to Antipolo (too many jumps but faster than going around the Laguna Loop). If you're from Quezon province, you may board a jeep bound to Pagsanjan or Sta.Cruz then follow this route.
via Commute from Divisoria: Take the EMBC bus that pass by Sta. Mesa and Ortigas Extension, take triycle or just walk straight few meters ahead to Antipolo Church.
via Private Vehicle: there are two ways: via Ortigas Extension and via Sumulong highway. (1) via Ortigas Extension, from Edsa Ortigas, straight ahead up to IPI, crossing of Tiendisitas and to Libis, drive straight Oritgas Extension Highway, (you'll passby some landmarks like St. Joseph Church and Ever Gotesco (Ortigas) and your approaching Cainta Junction, just drive straight (KM21, Ortigas Ext.) and you'll be in Tikling just drive straight up, do not turn right because you'll be in Taytay way. As you drive up the hill you'll see the Hamaka Park and New Rizal Provincial City Hall, make a left turn and drive straight you can see the Antipolo Church. (2) via Sumulong highway, from Makati make your way to Marcos Highway on C5 then choose ilalim C5-Kalayaan flyover where you also pass by St. Claire. Drive straight Marcos Highway, right Sumulong Highway (landmark : Masinag Wet and Dry Market to the left). Drive along the highway (you'll pass Valley Golf and Country Club), head straight at the junction (with signs going to Baras and Hinulugang Taktak). you may ask some of the locals signaling you where to go since there are so many one way streets and map is not always available.


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reading your blog made me feel as if i personally was able to behold it's beauty! thanks for the opportunity. :)

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thanks you for the comment...
That's my real intention, why i come up with this blog, for others to see the beauty of our country.

thanks again.
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