Monday, April 26, 2010

Baguio City: SM Baguio and Victory Liner

One Rainy Night at Baguio City
By Lakwatsero

Lakwatserong Tatay @ SM Baguio
How to spend 5 hours while it is raining at the Coldest Center Capital of our Country, "BAGUIO CITY" and waiting for the departure of your scheduled bus trip. Our group arrived at Baguio City around pass 5pm, it rains very hard, actually all our backpacks are wet because as we go back to Baguio our backpacks where placed up or in short it is top load, we haven't got a chance to placed it inside the jeepney because while were near to Baguio proper it rains hard.

some of the summitters
After unloading our packs from our chartered jeepney, we headed to ticketing office to check for available bus going back to Manila, and sad to say for our group there was no earlier trip back to Manila. All of the available tickets wer very late and we don't have a choice we booked for 10:30pm trip to Manila. After booking for a ticket, our group decided to stroll around Baguio, and all of our stuffs were placed in Victory Liner's luggage room, just for P50 all of our bags were on a safe storage.
SPI MC Laguna Summitters
Actually most of us were not decided where to go because we will gonna be waiting up to 5 hours, and what the hell well gonna on Baguio while it is raining. Most of us that time want to go to Public market of Baguio, but due to its weather, we decided to go first at SM Baguio, that is just a walking distance to Victory Liner Station. As you can see above some of the pictures taken at 2nd floor open view deck of SM Baguio where you could have a nice view of Baguio Cathedral Church and some of the School and other famous establishment within Baguio.
drinking time...hehehehe
So what we have decided is most of the boys stayed at Baguio and had a few drinks of San mig light at Syblings Nook to waste some of our time, and it really looks like a post climb activity for us, were we had the chance to voice out our own experiences, the climb itself, and for our next destination too...i hope that i can joined again...Mt. of the Laguna pips, decided to go to stroll around Baguio because the rained suddenly stopped and buy some pasalubongs for their friends, as for the boys who stayed at SM Baguio decided to drink and drink San Mig Light...hehehehe...
carienda store along Victory Liner Station
Luckily for us who have stayed at SM Baguio, we had a free dinner courtesy of Sir Edwin Pedres, who happened to have cousins that selling fried chicken, bulalo, fried tilapia, and many more..(in short they owned a Carinderia)..along Victory Liner, and it really opens at night because it caters some of the overnight taxi's of Baguio City. The food was really good and especially the "Sabaw ng Bulalo" that time, it is really cold, and zipping a hot sabaw of Bulalo was really a good timing....masasabi ko lang ang sarap...definitely if im around the area again when im in Baguio..ill gonna eat there again. Actually the Laguna pips that wasn't joined us at SM baguio was so envy from us...maybe next time we will go there..hehehehe!!!!!
few minutes to go.....Victoty Liner Baguio
One of the last photo opps for our group. We are all ready to go and just waiting for our turn to step in to our designated bus trip. To end our climb and our trip. It is really nice to meet new friends again and meet up again some of my fellow backpackers. It was a weekend full of fun and captured memories, and unforgetable memories, especially the "drinking while raining at camp 2"...hehehehe...
Thanks again to Gilbert of SPIMC who invited me to joined this climbed and SPI Manila pips, and Sir Ryan and Sir Edwin, till the next mga sir. Till our next mountaineering trip. Invite me again ha....

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Cagayan de Oro map said...

I really enjoyed reading your post today. I can say it's gonna be a fun vacation too with my friends soon..:D


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