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Just for Kids at Enchanted KIngdom

My Angels turn @ Enchanted Kingdom
By Lakwatsero

Lakwatserong Tatay and family....
Our team decided to spend the time of our 1st Team Building with our own families in Enchanted Kingdom. Enchanted Kingdom is one of the prime theme parks in the Philippines that is open year round for kids and adults alike to enjoy thrilling rides and a wonderful family day. The park is located in the city of Sta. Rosa in the province of Laguna which is about an hour south of Manila.

Enchanted Kingdom Map

ui tingin kau....

The night before we went to the park, we packed our things because Im bringing my angels (Gian & Rhiann) and my wife (Reggie) with me. We have to wake up early because where coming from Antipolo and our meetup place is at LRT Buendia, were the Bus terminals located and the bus that will passby Enchanted Kingdom. Going to LRT Buendia was a bit hassle for us, because for the 1st time, since my kidz is used to travel, both of my kidz vomit while were on our way to Manila, actually as i remember my wife is pursuing that there will not be joining the trip to Enchanted Kingdom, instead that they just will go to my father's house at Sta. Mesa, Manila and just wait for me later evening then go back to Antipolo. But luckily when we arrived at Jollibee LRT Buendia, after been refresh and eat breakfast my kidz got OK!!!...yes....actually on that time im thinking not to continue our trip because of what happened, but as soon we got to ride the bus it goes smooth and very well. Going there we took the South Luzon Expressway (SLEx) and exited on Sta. Rosa. The park is about a kilometer away from the exit and can be seen on the highway when passing by. We arrived early at the park before it opens, so we just spend our time to take some picture of the park's main mascot, the wizard that is at the entrance. While my wife is buying our tickets I took photos of Gian and Rhiann, We have actually a day pass that costs Php500 (courtesy of Mommy Sue) while for my son I took a entrance fee w/ free 2 ride at Php150.
Upon entry, we are met by its first main attraction, the Grand Carousel. It is located at the main entrance just behind the park fountains which they call Victoria Park. It is the spot where the park's mascots usually stay for photos, but they weren't there that time we came in.

1st stop of my kidz

along portabello

sayang hindi pwede ung mga kidz ko rito...huhuhuh!!!!

photo oppss nalang sa Space Shuttle Max

Lunch Time
My treasure's
Wheels of Fate

Swan Lake
Yours truly @ Wheels of Fate

along Midway Boardwalk

The Anchor's Away
After few rides with my group and watch some 3D shows at Rialto "Speed Racer" and "4D Discovery Theater" showing "Dora the Explorer". And after having group lunch at Jungle Outpost and choose "Karate Kid Japanese Fastfood", after the group ride at Wheels of Fate, located at Midway Boardwalk, Enchanted Kingdom's giant Ferris wheel. It is another famous attraction in the park and I believe is currently the tallest Ferris wheel in the country. It offered a great view of the surroundings and the Mount Makiling and Metro Manila from afar. Then we walked around the Swan Lake beside it and taking photos of the Wheels of Fate from the ground. We just snickout with my group to ride some of the available kiddie rides for my angels. And so we rode first the Bourdeville Express as Gian already calls... 'Tren, Tren'... There was already a line at the express but it just took about 2 batches until we got our chance. After the ride, we headed for Stone Eggs, next is Dinosaurus, third is Grand Carousel and lastly Bumbling Boulders (1st solo ride of my son, "Gian") before we go back to my group, most of this rides, im just taking up pictures...hehehehe...It's just my kidz and wife rodes this rides for kidz, except for the Grand Carousel, of course I have to ride it...This part of the park is designed specifically to cater rides for your kids and so we stayed on this place a bit longer. It had a mini dinosaur egg Ferris wheel, a dinosaur octopus ride, it also had a choo choo train, and a play pen. This part of the park is themed as a Jurassic era during the Stone Age.

My son Gian @ Boulderville Express

actually medyo masikip...hehehehe

dba daughter Rhiann Gayle

My Family @ Boulderville Express

My family at Stone Eggs

My wife & my angels @ Dinosaurus

My family @ E.K.'s Grand Carousel

of course, I also ride this one!!!! hehehehe !!!!!
Bumbling Boulders (one of my son's free ride all you can that day)
gian's 1st solo ride...

go...go..go...go....kuya gian!!!!

somewhere @ bourderville place

kiddie hangouts @ boulderville place
We took a break for snack at the Spaceport area where another famous attraction, the Space Shuttle Max is located. A snack area is located beside it. Again we were not able to ride the Space Shuttle Max as we have kids with us. And anyways, the queue on the ride is way too long for a 5 minute adrenalin rush.

My kidz with Tito Eric (one of my officemates)

photo opps with one of the fairy mascot's @ E.K.

I hope my kids will try this one when we come back!!!!! hehehehe !!!!

photo opps within one of the souvenir shops @ E.K......hehehehe!!!!!
last ride of my kidz....
Anyways we walked around the Jungle Outpost my kidz rode some of the shaking car rides that needed P5 coins, and also where their Log Jam ride is located which we was not fit for younger kids. And through the Midway Boardwalk again where we walked by the Anchor's Away and walked into the arcade area. We spent some time walking around the park until night came.

somewhere @ boulderville area...

Kuya Gian

My butchokoy "Gayle"

i think this is one of my best shots !!!!! nakS !!!!!!

my last shot of the park......
I thought our group will wait for the Park's Fireworks Display, but sad to say few of us had already gone and some of the remaining wants to go home due to availability of our transportation because by that time it is really hard to have a ride going back to Manila especially if your with your kidz, but definitely when i'll be back at Enchanted Kingdom we will watch the Park's Fireworks Display. But to summarized it up, it was beautiful and a great one to end our visit in the park.


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